INQURY EXPO WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Anh-Thi and Olivia

Inquiry Expo

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We invite you to come to our Inquiry Expo about Travel around Australia topics. This will be happening in the Year 4 portables. You will be looking at the Year 4's presations. We will share you our learing for this writing topic. Hope you come and enjoy the presatations.

Inquiry Expo

Thursday, Jun 28th, 2:15pm

The Crossing, Caroline Springs, Victoria, Australia Creekside P-9 College


2:20 Every one arrives and the student voice people will welcome you.

2:30-3:00 Every one walks around and look at the presentations.

3:00 Parents/Guardians will go.

3:20 Home time for kids.

Interesting Info

Have the bestest fun you can imagine and love the year 4's presentation