Glacier National Park

In Majestic Montana


Glacier National Park is in majestic Montana. It has many different activities to chose from. Altogether the park is just 1,500 square miles of fun.


Glacier National Park is located in majestic Montana on the northwest side.

Things To Do

Things to do

Glacier National Park has a wide range of activities to choose from, from fishing to hiking and much in between. It also has activities for every single age.


Hiking is very popular in the park. You can climb glaciers or mountains. The highest peak in the park measures 10,466 feet. You can climb up that mountain to see the wonderful view at the top. Watch out for bears while hiking.


There are many different lakes, rivers and streams to fish in. They all have wonderful amounts of fish in each. One of the popular places to fish is Lake McDonald.


Biking is a very popular sport for all ages. Though the park, you bike on mountains and some scattered bike paths. The roads are bike friendly, too.


Camping is a very fun thing to do with families. It gets kids off their electronics and into nature. You can learn life skills and learn while having fun.


Find more about the park's past.


Going To See The Sun Road is very popular. It is 50 miles through the wild park interior.

As You Can See

You can probably tell, that there are a ton of activites. There are even more than that; they are almost endless.

For Kids


Kids can do things here that are designed just for them.

Junior Ranger

Kids can learn more about the park by become a Junior Ranger. Becoming a Junior Ranger is easy. Kids fill out a workbook then bring it to a visitor center. They will get a badge and cinch bag.



Bears are part of the wildlife of the park. They might try to attack if you scare them. To avoid scaring bears, make loud noises.

Fees & Reservations

7 Day Non-Commercial Vehicle

7 day non-commercial vehicles cost $25 from May 1- October 31. From November 1 - April 30, it costs $15 for each car going in for 7 days.

On foot

Anyone on foot can go in for a week from May 1 - October 31 for $12. Or $15 from November 1 - April 30 for a 7 day entrance for anyone on foot.

Annul Passes

Annul passes cost $35 for anything or anyone entering for a year.



The weather in Glacier National Park has a wide range of weather. If you're going in summer, pack clothes that will keep you cool. If you're going in Winter, pack clothes that will keep you cool.



- Deer
- Mouse
- Long Horn Sheep
- Bears


- Mushrooms
- Ferns
- Trees
- Shrubs

Comming Here


Handicapped visitors are always welcome and they will not have trouble getting around.


Pets are allowed in developed areas. They may not have a leash longer than 6 feet long.

When It Is Open

It is open 24-7. But the visitor center hours may very.

Come To Glaciers

As You Can See

As you can see, there are many things to do here at Glacier to please anyone.
All photos from National Park Services