Jordan News

Jordan was discovered in 1964 it's population is 8,118,00 the Capitol is Amman a export is phosphates and a import is food. It was normally a warm place and had hilly land.

Jordan troops hunt Syrian militants on the border

The first picture is silt. Silt are small particles in dirt that help pants grow faster and better. The silt help the people a lot because they didn't have many plants so they imported many foods. Silt was common around the area which made farming easier for everyone

The second image is phosphate. Phosphate is salt used in fertilizer to helps plants grow. Phosphates was one of Jordan's major exports. Phosphate was in every fertilizer they used farmers put it on crops too.

The third picture are fruits and vegetables. These were two of egypts main crops. They export a lot of them and get stuff back in return. Fruit was common all over the country they also used phosphates in farming and growing crops.

The first picture is a school to represent how Libya use most of their money to build schools. They were trying to get more education in the country. The country was working to help kids with jobs and even moving to other countries to go to collage.

In the second picture the desert describes the climate in Israel. They had dry and hot summers and even warm winters. They took advantage of the warm weather and could farm all gear round and store crops and even exporte them.