Spread of Christianity

with the help of my hitta Paul

Life of Jesus

Born in Bethlehem ~ He was raised in Nazareth ~ Baptized by John the Baptist ~ began preaching at the age of 30 ~ performed many miracles and good works ~ had 12 apostles ~ main source of his life are the four Gospels ~ as he traveled from town to town his fame spread ~ his messages appealed to the poor ~ crucified by Romans ~ rose from the dead ~ ascended into heaven

Paul Put in Work

Paul, or Saul, was a persecuter of Christians. He was on the road to Damascus when he heard a voice speak to him. This is what changed him into the strong believer and teacher he is today. He spent the rest of his life interpreting and spreading Christ's teachings. He traveled all around Rome. He also said Christianity should welcome all converts, Jew or Gentile. He wrote letters to groups of people called Epistles. He enabled Christianity to become more than a local religion. Paul was persecuted for his beliefs by the emperor Nero.


Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus

Christians refused to worship Roman gods. There were many martyrs, someone who died for their beliefs instead of changing them. Christians totally defied Roman law. This led to persecutions. Christians were also used as people to put the blame on which led to more hatred. The persecutions stopped when Nero was no longer empire. But when the Pax Romana fell, Christians were exiled, imprisoned, crucified, burned, and even killed by wild animals in circus arenas by the Romans. Even after all this, Christians stood firm in their faith and spread it beyond the Roman Empire.
Rappin' for Jesus