The Weekly Rocket

Week of June 15 -June 19, 2015

This Weeks Updates

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  • For the PS 107X Staff for your flexibility this week!

Weekly Highlights

  • SPIRIT WEEK! Remember to join the school spirit and all the fun!
  • Teachers who had Mr. W please please check for your preps in the morning.
  • Promotional Portfolios for students Grades 3-5 attending summer school should be completed for ELA and Math and turned in to Ms. Najera by Thursday 6/18 close of business.
  • Students in Grades K-2 who are being held over: Parent Meeting Monday 6/15 with Ms. Hamm.
  • As part of Danielson Domain 4--- Student Binders should be updated with current work
  • ALL Staff, please continue to support our schools PBIS initiative by wearing your Rocket Bucks, distributing to all students, and attending the Rocket Store at your scheduled time
  • Teachers please include online resources in homework sheets (i-ready/vport math/ myon, etc.) See Ms. Oblines or Mr. Lampson for your students log in information

Did you REMEMBER ...

  • PLEASE COLLECT ALL STUDENTS BOOK BAGGIES. Place them inside student portfolios so that they move up to the next teacher.
  • PORTFOLIOS: Please make sure that students portfolios maintain the following for this school year 2014-2015 (DO NOT remove previous school years work... Portfolios are a collection of work from K-5): 2 Reading responses; 2 Writing Pieces; 2 Math (Exemplars or Unit tasks) Pieces with Writing; 2: Science pieces of work; 2: Social studies pieces of work.
  • Make sure students complete a CURRENT EVENT for HW this week.
  • To use your Promethean Board... Did you create a flip chart that you can share? How did you use the promethean board to engage students in learning this week?
  • You need to change your guided reading/ close reading material weekly. See Ms. Otto if you need new material. This material should be changed weekly. Its in room 211! Check it out!

Instructional Focus This years instructional focuses are: 1. Guided instruction 2. Analyzing data to inform instruction 3. Co-presenting professional development

Monday 6/15/15--- Clerical Day--- SPORTS DAY (Wear your favorite teams Jersey or Shirt)

  • Half A Day --- 11:30 am Dismissal (Lunch: K-1 @ 10am / 2-3: 10:30 am/4-5 @ 11:00 am)
  • Clerical Day: Work on completing report cards and CUM records 12:30pm - 3:40pm
  • 5th Grade Basketball Tournament

Tuesday 6/16/15--- Crazy Hat Day

Guided Reading @ 9:00 am - 9:50 am (Push-in teachers please be in your push in class by 9:00 a.m.)

  • 3rd Grade @ Statue of Liberty Trip
  • 5th Grade @ Dave and Busters Trip
  • Guided Instruction period: K-2: Skills & Guided READING--- Grades 2-5: Guided Reading and/or Close Reading (please change materials as needed in Rm. 211)<--- VERY IMPORTANT to set protocols for independent work

Wednesday 6/17/15--- Field Day

  • 20th Century Dance History Assembly: Grades 2 & 3, 4th Grade Dance Club @ 9am in the Auditorium *** Please be on time***
  • Field Day Grade Colors: Pre-K: White/Kinder: Orange/ 1st: Blue/ 2nd: Yellow/ 3rd: Green/ 4th: Red/ 5th: Purple
  • Field Day Schedule: ALL Field Day Activities @ Soundview Park

PreK : 9-9:50 am/ Kinder & 1st Grade: 9:50- 10:40am / 2nd & 3rd: 10:40-11:30am / 4th & 5th: 11:35-12:25pm ** MAKE SURE TO BE READY TO WALK TO SOUNDVIEW PARK NO MORE THAN 15 min PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED TIME**

  • Writing Workshop Day
  • ASPIRA After School Program for Grades K-5 ---- 2:20pm - 5:45pm

Thursday 6/18/15 ---TWIN DAY (DRESS as a Twin with a Colleague) Guided Reading @ 9:00 am - 9:50 am (Push-in teachers please be in your push in class by 9:00 a.m.)
  • Community Works Dance Residency in the Auditorium:
  • Per 3 @ 9:50--- K-202 & K+1- 302 / Per 4 @ 10:40 --- 2-421 / Per 5 @ 11:35 -- 1-305 & 2nd Graders 302 *** 2-421 & 1-305 please come to the auditorium @ 9:30 for one rehearsal ALL together***
  • 5th Grade: Holiday Hill Trip
  • SECOND Math Period Day
  • ASPIRA After School Program for Grades K-5 ---- 2:20pm - 5:45pm

Friday 6/19/15 --- SUPER HERO DAY

  • Dances Through the Ages: Presented by Community Works and K-202, 1-305, 2-421 @ 9am Classes invited are Grades PreK - 2nd Grade. Please be on time.
  • PS 107X Awards Assembly: K-1 @ 1:20pm (come ready for dismissal)/ 2-3 @ 12:30pm/ 4-5 @ 11:35pm
  • Learning Binders (Please take this time to make sure students work is organized in their learning binders. That students can talk about the work in their binders --- and that you have a conversation with students about ways for them to improve)
  • Make sure to conference with 7-10 students using their student work, monthly goals, assessments, and any annotated notes.
  • SECOND Math Period Day
  • ASPIRA After School Program for Grades 3-5 ---- 2:20pm - 5:45pm


  • To all teachers, please make sure daily homework indicates independent reading, and all online learning V-Math, I Ready, and MyOn.
  • All homework should be checked.

On going reminders:

  • Continue to greet our learners with kindness, organized, colorful, learning environments and with honest preparation for becoming literate, mathematicians, scientists, historians, critical thinkers, willing and able to solve world problems, in other words PLAN, meaningful, productive interactive, and engaging lessons.
  • Routines should be put into practice during guided reading so that students small groups who are not working with a teacher, are engaged in activities/centers that support their ELA needs. If you need ideas or suggestions please see one of the coaches.


Upcoming Events:

6/15- Clerical 1/2 Day--- 5th Grade BB Game---- Sports Day

6/16- Crazy Hat Day

6/16- 3rd Grade Statue of Liberty Field Trip

6/16- 5th Grade Dave and Busters Field Trip

6/17- 20th Century Dance Assembly for Grades 2, 3 & 4th Grade Dance Club

6/17-Field Day

6/18-Twin Day

6/19- Super Hero Day

6/19- PS 107X Awards Assembly: Pre-K-1 @ 1:20pm/ 2-3 @ 12:30pm/ 4-5 @ 11:35pm

6/19-5th Grade Dance 4pm - 7pm

6/22- 5th Grade Graduation

6/23- Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony

6/24- Pre-K Moving Up Ceremony

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