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Ready for summer? You know I am!

As you wrap up the school year, look back and remember all the blessings you've received from God this year. Some of us had a rough year, but you made it through! And you're better because of it. So thank God throughout this week for all that He's shown you.

Side Note: For anyone who doesn't know, I will be in Japan next fall (you can still reach me via email if you need)!

See you all in the winter!

PS: Take this 5 minute survey so we know how to improve for next year:

seniors: graduation send-off prayer

There will be a non-denominational Christian prayer service on the morning of Commencement (June 4th) from 8:45-9:05 am in the Seymour Lincoln Room. Have a family member or friend "save" your graduation seats so that you and your family can gather for prayer in Lincoln Room before you enter to the commencement line-up. ALL grads and friends and family are welcome. Contact Sue Hulett ( for more information.

half-credit class opportunity

Do you like reading novels with religious themes? Gina Franco's Reading Studio course in Fall 2017 is on Marilynne Robinson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Protestant novelist. She will be visiting Knox sometime in the fall, so you would get a chance to ask her questions and sign books after reading some of her work.

If interested, look for ENG 105 on the courselist. The class will meet once a week for discussion, very little work will be assigned other than reading.


Freshmen Bible Study

Tuesdays 8:00 - 9:00 PM

Old Main Common Room (2nd floor)

Contact Megan Molloy for more info (

Women's Bible Study

Wednesdays 6:00 - 7:00

Old Main Common Room

Contact Deanna Stout for more info (

Prayer Group

Thursdays 7:00 - 8:00

Center for Intercultural Life (by Wilson House)

Contact Doja Aofolajuwonlo for more info (

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Need a summer getaway to connect with God? At Chapter Focus Week, you will have personal quiet time as well as training on topics called "tracks" such as Evangelism, Leadership Team, the Gospel of Mark, and more. You will develop deeper relationships with people from the Knox Chapter of InterVarsity as well as with God.

Knox College will have our focus week along with these schools:

DePaul University

Lawrence University
Northwestern University
University of Chicago

WHEN: June 10th - 16th

WHERE: Cedar Campus in Cedarville, Michigan

PRICE: Full Price $399, Focus Week's Scholarship Price $359.

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE FROM KNOX IV. If you can only pay $50, we'll make that happen.

Just email Miranda at

The early registration deadline is May 27th.

To register, visit and scroll down to Week Six!

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Discipleship Program

Have you heard about our Discipleship Program? It's a wonderful opportunity for spiritually mentoring another member of InterVarsity at Knox. You could become a disciplee or a discipler, whichever would strengthen your faith and relationship with God.

Fill out the form for becoming a disciplee or discipler:

Email the completed form to Miranda Hallmark at, or print it off and mail it to K-box 760.