Genre Descriptions

By: Shashwat Limbasia


The genre Fantasy is a genre full of magical stuff. It can have made up mythical creatures in them. Fantasy is full fiction. It has magical things that many readers can enjoy. The plot is also usually mythical. The mythical creatures can be like monsters, fairies, imaginary friends and anything like that. There also can be magical objects like legendary swords and other types of weapons that are magical.

Science Fiction

The genre Science Fiction is a genre with things that are yet to be discovered in the future and has some laws of science while reading. Somew things that are in there can be real about science that is worth remembering. Science fiction is always constantly moving real fast. The plot can be something in an advanced type of world and things that are things of the future. Can have robots that are really smart like in "Star Wars."

Realistic Fiction

The genre Science Fiction is a genre that can actually be something that can occur in real life. This genre can be moving along fast and always has a good story about real things that is possible to occur. It is usually about kids that are having problems and have to go through it. It is not usually about adults in books for kids.

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is a genre that is about real periods of time in history but are made up stories about that time period but it can be something that might have happened to other people but with different made up people and maybe story. It is usually for kids to learn about that time period and how it was like to live in that period. Also to gain more knowledge about history.


The genre Romance is a genre that has a story about a couple that like each other and has their story. Romance stories can also be a non-fiction book. It tells the story of some real romance story, but written as a book. The end of romance stories are always nice and positive. It feels weird to the reader when the man says something sweet and lovely to the woman. Romance stories can get pretty long when it is a story when the man is trying to get the woman to like him and get her attention. They try to make relationship and have a hard time doing it.


The genre Thriller is the most fast-paced genre out of all the other ones. It is full of action and suspense. You have to be ready for anything that pops out when you least expect it. The genre thriller has a story where there is a villain and a hero. It is that the villain is trying to take over or destroy something and the hero is trying to stop him.


The genre Mystery is a genre where there would be a suspect and a detective. The suspect would maybe be the cause of the problem in the story. The detective would be the person trying to find clues and figure out the crime or mystery. It can be a crime of series or just one crime. You never know that the person you are looking for is right under your nose and helping you and acting like a good friend.


The genre Humor is genre which is full of jokes and funny amusing things. The goal of the author that is writing humor is always to amuse the reader and hope that they find it funny. It depends on your sense of humor. Humor books have things in it that are goofy and stupid.


The genre adventure is the genre that is action-packed and fast-paced. It can be of violence and also something that is an adventure book but with no violence or anything like that, just like a story where you are stranded somewhere and trying to survive and find your way back or anything else similar to that. This genre can a villain and a hero. In this genre you have to be ready for anything that pops out in the story.


The genre Autobiography is where there is the author who wrote it tells about their own life. Meaning it is the person themselves writing about their life. It tells about all the things that they have accomplished in life. It is perfect to write it in first person obviously. Autobiographies are mostly about famous people.


In Biographies there are stories that are written by someone else about a famous person. Meaning that the author is someone else than the person it is about. There probably will not be a biography that has all details because it is being written by another person and that person will not know exactly everything.


A Memoir is like a genre that shows a timeline of events on one topic. It is in order from an event of the past to the event to the present. It is usually about something like of a person of events that the person did. Or of a company or a big event and broke down into events of accomplishments or events. They can be of special moments.

Sources for images for most of the genres - for historical fiction for autobiography

Prior Knowledge- for some genres