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Scuba Diving


Do you know what SCUBA stands for? It stands for SelfContained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Mask, ears, and sinuses are the three air spaces that are most affected when descending. Scuba tanks are made up of two metals; alluminum and steel. An aqua-lung was invented by Emile Gagnan and Naval Lieutnentant. This helps the divers contain the underwater breathing tequnique.

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According to Boyle's Law, pressure is increased as you decrease the volume of a gas. Nitrogen narcosis is reversible alteration in consiouness that occurs when diving. Which only happens in some occasions. If you want to dive 2 ATM of pressure, you would need to go 66ft under the water. Drift diving is when a scuba diver allows a current to carry he/she along. The bends is a decompression sickness or diverse disease.
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