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JUNE 2020

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Congratulations Mrs. Johansson on your retirement!

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Citizenship Award

Each year the Webster Retired Educators Association (WREA) joins State Road Elementary School at our Flag Day Celebration to announce the Citizenship Award Winner for Fifth Grade. We are saddened to say that we will not be gathering this year for our school wide-event, but are glad that the WREA is continuing this tradition with us nonetheless.

To be considered for this award, a student must demonstrate the qualities of service, scholarship, leadership, and sportsmanship. Before a decision is made, the fifth grade teachers seek input from fifth graders themselves as to whom they believe should be recognized. We also value the opinions of the special area teachers and librarian who have known many or most of these students for six years. There were many, many very worthy students of this award and the decision was not easy. In the end, the student selected is one who not only meets all of these qualifications easily, she also does so always with a smile on her face and with compassion for everyone around her.

Please join us in celebrating this year’s Citizenship Award recipient, Ella Cassara.

Ella participates in many activities at State Road, including K-Kids, band, safety patrol, and chorus. Outside of the classroom she is a gymnast, an active member of Girl Scout Troop 60415 as well.

When asked, Ella’s friends overwhelmingly used the word “kind” in their comments about her. Her kindness is found in the way she includes others in everything she does and the gentleness in her voice when having conversations. Her kindness shows in the way she speaks to adults, often to show appreciation for what they do for her, as well as bravery in speaking up to adults when she believes a mistake has been made or someone has been misunderstood. Ella’s smile is genuine and shared with others so that, without words, they know that she enjoys being with them, helping them, or just being in the moment together.

Ella’s commitment to what she is doing is never anything less than 100%. She is always conscious of including everyone in whatever she is doing, whether it be working on a tricky math problem in class, including others in the cafeteria, or outside during recess. During this time of distance learning, Ella continues to be committed to not only her own learning, but to check on those around her as well. If an adult asks the class, “How are you doing?” Ella is quick to unmute herself and return the question onto the speaker asking, “And how are YOU doing today?” She shares quotes and inspiring comments to be sure that everyone knows that they are cared about. Ella took on the task of writing the class morning message. Her words sum up exactly why she is a worthy recipient. In her own words…

Hi everyone! I am super happy to be able to share a message with you this morning! I hope you are all doing great! Everyday I want to feel sorry for myself until I remember how many people have it so much worse than me. I also have to remember to be thankful through all of this. Just think: #1, (Your teacher) puts out work for us every day so we don’t fall too far behind. She finds links, types messages, records videos, and puts up with her own life. #2, people who work at hospitals, putting their own life’s at risk to save others. #3, I am healthy, unlike so many other people. We just have to sit home all day doing a little bit of work on the couch. Remember how good you have it compared to others. At the same time it is ok to feel sorry for ourselves once in a while, just don’t stay there too long. Well I hope you all have a great day and don’t go insane! Here is a little quote I found to get you going!


Congratulations again to Ella Cassara!

We can all look forward to the great things that we will see coming from her at Spry, Schroeder and in the world beyond. We are lucky to have had her as a State Road Eagle, and hope that she and all of our fifth graders always remember, “Once an eagle, ALWAYS an eagle!!

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State Road Yearbook Information

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During the week of June 15th-19th

Be sure to stop by State Road to photograph your child next to the roadsign where a special message will be displayed for your scrapbook photo-op memories. And take a photo of yourself with your children because for the last several months you have been their teacher, cheerleader, supporter, and overall rock-star parent. You too have made it through the year!
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For students in grades K-2, we will be collecting your iPad and charger. We will need to collect both the cord and the charging base of the cord.

For students in grades 3-4, we will be collecting your chromebook and charger.

More details to follow.

**Any device or charger not returned to school will result in a charge**

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Messages from our Teachers!

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Ohhh, how I have loved being your child’s preschool teacher!

The smiles, the hugs, the laughter.... I will cherish them all. ❤️ It has been a joy to watch your little ones come into Pre~k in September a little timid but leaving more confident, taller, and wiser! Thank you for letting me hold their hands as we tried new things, met new friends, climbed higher, and sometimes even shed some tears. I have done my best to keep your children safe, and happy, and feel loved in our preschool this year. Thank you for all of your support; emptying your child’s folder, reading and signing forms that were sent home, searching for missing items (hats, gloves, and even footwear!) and packing winter outside gear EVERY DAY!! So greatly appreciated! You and your child will always hold a special place in my heart ❤️.

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Kindergarten is continuing their ABC Countdown with special celebrations. We have a fun craft for M Day, which is Monster Day! Mr. Gumina is reading a pirate story to the entire grade level on P Day! The Kinderfriends are ending the countdown with Z Day, which is Zoom with First Grade Teachers! Kindergarten teachers will visit the homes (socially distanced) to congratulate students on a successful kindergarten year!

We want to thank all of the families! We worked as a team to teach kindergarten and we appreciate all of your on- going support! We feel privileged to be their teachers!

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This past month, second graders continued connecting with one another in a variety of ways. We all looked forward to our Zoom meetings where we could share stories, play games and even have 'special guests' drop in.

Academically, we carried-on with new learning. We explored topics such as the Erie Canal, Sequoyah (creator of the Cherokee writing system), Trail of Tears, Oregon Trail, the Pony Express and more. In ELA, second grade friends worked on Fundations, reading and responding to literature. In math, we addressed graphs, word problems and three-digit addition and subtraction. We are so grateful for the support of our families and the children's hard work.

Of course, we made time for fun too. Each week there were two 'choice' activities / projects. The second grade teachers enjoyed the students' clever, imaginative and inventive creations! We loved seeing what our students would come up with next.

Your second grade teachers have missed you. It has been a challenging time, and once again, our State Road Eagles have risen to the occasion. We wish our second graders a happy summer. Keep safe and stay sharp!

Love, Mrs. Barrette, Mrs. Mascho, Mrs. Wyland and Mrs. Yates

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Hi Third Grade Families!

It is hard to believe the school year is almost over. We have been so impressed with the students' hard work and perseverance while working at home. Thank you for your support in all avenues during this entire experience. We truly appreciate you! Have a wonderful summer and enjoy all the different outdoor activities it brings!

With smiles and hugs, Your Third Grade Teachers

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Over the past several months our fifth graders have worked hard to understand natural disasters - their causes, effects, ways that people can be prepared before the disaster strikes, and how to stay safe during and after it happens. Each student has turned their personal research into a public service announcement to share with classmates. Forms include brochures, booklets and video announcements. While we know that tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes are a force of nature that cannot be stopped, we also know that we can travel the world knowing that we are knowledgeable and prepared for anything that might happen. Being prepared and knowing what to do is critical to staying safe.

In this time of our lives where we are faced with a pandemic that has stopped the world in its tracks, the importance of public service announcements and knowing what to do to stay safe is never more critical. Tackling any research project through distance learning is an academic challenge but we are all proud of how hard these students have been working throughout this time. We hope that our pause in being together now gives everyone the chance soon to travel the world again and safely enjoy many, many adventures!!! (and send us all postcards too!!)

Moving Up Ceremony!

June 11th at 10:30am

More information to follow from your 5th grade teacher.

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A note from Mr. Graf and Mrs. Carlsen...

We have missed seeing you all in the gym!! While it doesn't take the place of seeing you in person, it has been great seeing you all in zoom meetings and hearing what you have been doing to stay active! We cannot wait to see you again really soon!!

Please Remember To:

  • Exercise/play an hour a day

  • Eat five cups of fruit and veggies a day

  • Limit screen time to an hour or less

  • Exercise should be fun, do what you love!

  • Avoid sugary beverages

We have been staying busy by exploring new places walking and biking using the all trails website/app. The days that we get out and explore always seem to be a little brighter! There are so many great places to explore in our community!


We have been in contact with the American Heart Association and the warehouse for the thank you gifts was shut down. They do have our order and will be working on it once they are able to reopen. We will keep you updated when we find out more information, rest assured your child will get what they earned! We appreciate your patience with this!

Each year we recognize one boy and one girl from our 5th grade class as our "Outstanding Physical Education Students of the Year!" We are so proud of all of our 5th graders this year! The winners of our award this year are Kylie Smith and Casey Pagano! Congratulations to these two well deserving students who are always kind to their classmates and displaying our essential skills in physical education!!
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From Mrs. Jones - "Keep singing and dancing at home!"

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Creativity is always open - even if bulletin boards & community displays are not possible; Art still finds a way to reflect the story of @WCSDProud Gr K-12 artists.

Please click the link, grab a snack, sit back & enjoy the visual wonders of our students!

Thanks to all the Art staff for putting this bright spot into our community.

"Where words fail, music speaks" - Hans Christian Andersen

"Life is the art of drawing without an eraser" - John W. Gardner

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Library Book Return!

Dear Families: a time to pick-up your child’s school things will be designated soon.

PLEASE return your child’s library books at that time.

A reminder email with current checkouts will be sent. Any questions, please ask!

Thank you for helping your child be a responsible library user!

Mrs. Koch, Librarian

Our “Miles of Smiles” are spreading far & wide!

Smiles to you State Road Family! The special video message from our teachers and staff has spread smiles and love in Webster and all the way to Maine and California! Help us continue to spread smiles & love in Webster and beyond!

Please watch our video and email photos of your decorated windows to Mrs. Koch at

Click here to watch our fun video message:

Many wonderful online literacy resources and eBooks are FREE right now!

Visit the Library Resource Page for more info. CLICK HERE

5th Grade “ZOOM BOB” Battle of the Books!

The 1st round is complete and finalists will be announced soon. WOWZA! I am so proud of these students for persevering, reading and being supportive teammates!

They are all WINNERS!

3rd & 4th Grade Online Reading Clubs!

It has been my pleasure to read, talk about books, share and play games with your wonderful children! Thank you for encouraging and supporting their participation! Mrs. Koch

Send an email for reading suggestions, research help, if there is anything you need, or just to say hi!

Follow the library on social media for information and fun!

FB: StateRoadLibrary Instagram: state.road.library Twitter: StateRdLibrary


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We continue to be proud of our students’ and teachers’ extraordinary efforts as we near the end of a school year that has been like none other we have ever experienced! Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do!

During our May 28 regular board meeting, we approved adjustments to the 2019-20 school year calendar. The new last day of school for K-12 students will be on Monday, June 15, and the last day for teachers will be on Friday, June 19. These are the only adjustments to the 2019-20 school calendar. We appreciate the flexibility of the entire One Webster community as we have adapted to so many monumental shifts in our “regular” school year due to COVID-19 related closures.

Lastly, we salute the resilient Class of 2020 as they prepare to graduate this summer. We know this has been a particularly challenging year for you and our thoughts continue to be with you. We are incredibly proud of our soon-to-be graduates and your accomplishments as Webster CSD students!


New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued that voting for school district budgets and board of education candidates will be by absentee ballot only this year. Each WCSD household should have received two (2) absentee ballots for voting purposes. Absentee ballots were mailed out to the WCSD community after the Memorial Day holiday.

Per the executive order, all ballots must be returned to the district clerk by Tuesday, June 9 at 5:00 p.m. to be considered valid. If your household includes more than two voters and you would like additional absentee ballots, please contact the district clerk at or call 216-0001. If you have already reached out, there is no need to do so again.

All WCSD residents were also mailed a budget information page that may also be viewed on our District Budget webpage. In addition to the budget information provided on, please be sure to visit our website for board of education candidates’ information at > Board of Education Candidates Election.

Thank you in advance for exercising your right to vote!

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