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1st Day/Week News

Line Up Procedure- School Wide Clap-In

First Day Procedures:

1st-6th grade students will be lining up outside the playpad near the kindergarten playground.

Teachers/classes will be identified by signs/balloons that will be color coded by grade level:

Pink- 1st Grade

Orange- 2nd Grade

Purple- 3rd Grade

White- 4th Grade

Green- 5th Grade

Blue- 6th Grade

**Kindergarten students will be lining up outside of their classroom doors.**

**AIM students-- Ms. Maki will meet parents who are driving their child to school in the gym. PARENTS MUST SHOW PHOTO ID to enter the building.**

Teachers will be outside at 8:45 am to greet their students. We are asking any adults who are able to stay and line up on our sidewalk creating a tunnel for our students to walk through as they enter the building. The clap in will begin as close to 9:00 as possible.

If you are dropping off school supplies on the first day we will have a designated spot next to the classroom line outside for you to leave your child's belongings. The staff and I will deliver the supplies to the classrooms once the school day has begun.

Additional parking will be available on the back playpad, however i am asking families to park in the nearby sub divisions and walk to Havel to help with 1st day parking lot congestion.

Classroom Assignments

This year, we will communicate grade level classroom assignments for your child in a convenient and secure manner. We will be emailing the classroom assignments to you directly using the e-mail addresses on file in PowerSchool on Wednesday, August 28, 2019. Your child’s assignment can also be viewed via the PowerSchool Parent Portal that will be available beginning Wednesday, August 28, 2019. If you do not receive an email or are unable to access the information through the Parent Portal by the end of the day on Wednesday, August 28, 2019, please contact the office!
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News To Share

This year our team is happy to announce the addition of the special education AIM program to our building. This program, which stands for Adapted, Integrated, and Modified, and includes Kindergarten and 1st grade students will be taught by new Havel staff member, Ms. Maki. She is excited to join us and is looking forward to being a part of our community.

**Please note, our AIM students will have a Meet the Teacher on Tuesday, August 27th from 4:00-5:00.**

Safety and Security Protocol Reminders

All adults must show photo identification prior to entering the building. Upon entering you must report directly to the office. Parents will not be allowed into the interior of the building unless they have a scheduled appointment with a staff member.

Additionally, we do not call students down for any forgotten items. We have a "Remember This" bookshelf that parents can place the item on and the students will be sent by their classroom teacher to retrieve the item once they have a break in their instruction.

Please note that while we are full of excitement and anticipation for the start of the school year, the first day of school is no exception to our safety and security protocol. If you do not have business in the front office we are asking that you remain outside of the building. Similar to last year staff members will be on duty outside the front doors to answer any questions parents may have.

Meeting With Teachers/Staff

Parents will not be allowed back into the classroom during school hours, 8:40 am - 3:50 pm, to drop off any forgotten items or to meet with a teacher unless you have an appointment scheduled. The teachers will provided a list of volunteers and appointments to the office staff.

It is my expectation the during instruction time teachers are face to face with students and making the most of their instructional minutes. To that regard we will not be pulling students out of class or calling down to the classroom for misc. items and messages.

Forgotten items will be placed on the grey bookshelf across from the gym and teachers will be emailed a message for child to grab their item when the teacher determines an appropriate time to leave the classroom. Thank you for helping us maintain our educational environment within the classroom.

School Day Times

The first day will be from 9:00-12:04.

Regular school hours are 9:00-3:50 daily.

School starts at 9:00 am daily. Students can be dropped off no sooner than 8:50 am. Parents with students arriving earlier should plan to use the services of SACC. Students arriving after 9:00 am will be marked “tardy.” On early dismissal days, students are dismissed at 12:04 pm. Regular school days are dismissed at 3:50 pm.

If you need to change your regular arrangements for your child (i.e. being picked up vs. going home on the bus), please be sure your child has a note. If need be, you can call the office and we will get a message to your child. Please be sure you contact the office before 3:30 pm.

Parking Lot/Schoenherr Construction

Macomb County currently has a construction project happening on Schoenherr, and more importantly, directly in front of Havel. This project is not anticipated to be completed prior to the start of school. With that being said, I am encouraging everyone who lives in our attendance, area and receives a bus, to please use UCS bus service to and from school. Families who are considered walkers, please utilize parking in the subdivision south of Havel and use the sidewalks to walk to school. For those families who are not able to get bus service I am offering the late pick up option again this year, but we will not be able to begin this right away. Please look for more info as we begin the school year.

New Fence?

As you drive by Havel you may notice that there is a new fence on the north side of the playground. This temporary fence was put up by the City of Sterling Heights as they work on the pipeline project that is behind our Havel property.


Remember ... it is very important that you report your child’s absences to the school. The attendance line answering machine is on 24 hours a day for your convenience.

The Attendance Line number is: (586) 797-5299

Please indicate when you call: Your child’s name, teacher’s name, & the reason for the absence.

Early Arrival

Our UCS parent and student handbook states, “general supervi-sion begins 10 minutes before the start of school.” At Havel, that means students should arrive at school no earlier than 8:50 am. Students should not come to school before this time, unless en-rolled in School Age Child Care (SACC). Since there is no super-vision on the playground before school, students should not use the playground equipment. Teachers will allow students to enter assigned doors at 8:50 am and supervise them until school be-gins at 9:00 am.

Late Arrival

If your child comes in after the 9:00 bell, YOU MUST ACCOMPANY THEM into the office to sign them in, per district policy (Pg. 6 in Handbook) They will be marked absent without a parent signature!!!



Breakfast will be available to all students starting at 8:40 AM until 9:00 AM. The cost is $1.40 and .30 for students who qualify for the reduced program.


Students may either bring their own lunch to school or purchase a lunch. Elementary lunches with milk will be $2.75, milk and fruit juice is $.45

Student Lunch Hours

AIM & Kindergarten: 11:50-12:20

1st-3rd: 12:00-12:40

4th through 6th: 12:05 – 12:45

It is very important that students who wish to purchase hot lunch order the day before. All lunches are ordered from the kitchen at Henry Ford II High School. They prepare enough lunches based on the count taken the day before. Please discuss the menu with your child and make sure he/she will eat it before they order. Menus are available on line, please click on the link below to see what we are serving in September.

Dates To Know


3rd- 1st day of school 9:00-12:04 & Hot Diggity Dog Back To School Bash

4th- Full Day Of School 9:00-3:50

10th- Open House/Curriculum Night 6:30

17th- HVL Meeting 4:15 In The Science Room

20th-27th- Book Fair Week In Media Center

27th- Picture Day

Birthday Celebrations

The teachers and staff at Havel strongly support and encourage the recognition of a child’s birthday during the school day. It is an annual milestone in every child’s life that should be celebrated not just at home, but in school as well, where children spend one-third of their day with teachers, classmates, and peers. While there are many wonderful and creative ways to celebrate a child’s birthday in school, birthday celebrations at Havel will not include food treats. Instead, the focus at Havel will be recognizing the day in a variety of special ways that do not include food treats. Some possibilities include:

· Class sings “Happy Birthday”

· Happy Birthday Recess/Gift

· Morning “Happy Birthday” PA announcement

· NEHS Singing Telegram

· Parent makes a donation of book to class library/read to class

· Student reads favorite book to class

· Parent/special someone reads story to class

Your child’s teacher will have more information on how birthdays will be celebrated in the classroom. As educators, caregivers and loved ones we all want the best for our students. Thank you for joining us in giving students healthy opportunities to celebrate important events and achievements.