Manitou Springs Middle School

November 11th, 2020

Dear Manitou Springs Middle School Community,

All grades at the middle school will be moving to the hybrid learning model beginning Monday, November 16th. This will be the model through Winter Break, although we may need to transition to remote learning at any time. See below for details:

Hybrid Model Update - Synchronous Instruction for At Home Students

Beginning Monday, November 30th, all teachers will provide synchronous instruction for their at home students. This means that students who are at home will follow their regular school schedule and participate in all classes virtually.

  • Beginning November 30th, at home students are expected to come to class as if they were at school.

  • Attendance will be taken at the beginning of class for in person learners and at home learners.

  • Students at home will not be expected to be on the Google Meet for the duration of class. This will look different depending on each teacher’s lesson.

  • If you do not remember what Cohort your child is in, call the office at 719-685-2127.

Next Week

Starting next week, some teachers may begin to experiment with synchronous instruction. Please look for communication from your teacher regarding what lesson format they will follow next week. Teachers will communicate with students about whether their class will be synchronous or asynchronous next week.

November 30th

Beginning November 30th, all teachers will be providing synchronous instruction.

Support for our teachers

Our teachers have been preparing for this new type of teaching and learning for weeks. Having students in person and at home is a new challenge for them to navigate. This requires new ways of lesson planning, new technology tools to learn, and new ways to engage students. We ask for your patience and support as we learn how to navigate this new format. I am grateful for their willingness to learn and implement another learning model.

Next Week’s Schedule

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Honoring our Veterans

We celebrated Veteran’s Day on Wednesday, November 11th. Thank you to our women and men who have served in our armed forces. We would like to honor all veterans, including family members of our students. Students are able to post the name, branch and years served of family members in the veterans display.
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