Open studio and birthday party!

Jaime and Javier Suárez

Open studio inauguration and birthday bash.

Jaime and Javier Suárez birthday celebration and studio opening event.

Birthday Party and Open Studio

Friday, Sep. 13th 2013 at 8-11:30pm

Calle Barbosa

Bayamón, Bayamón

Your invited to attend the open house/studio inauguration and join the celebration of Jaime and Javier' birthday. The celebration will begin at 8pm and end at 12:00pm. Municipal city orders, limit party and celebrations until 12pm, so arrive early. Parking is available at the multi floor building of the hospital. Bring cash for parking fee. If you want to save on the parking, arrive by train to downtown Bayamon and get out at the city end (not the Canton Mall). Walk towards the hospital on Barbosa Street, and stop at the artist studios.

Party hours

8:00 pm welcoming guests

9:00 pm music and celebration

10:00 pm candle and cake

12:00 Good night and farewell