How To survive Procrustes

How to survive Greek monsters By: Anthony Dionicio


Step 1 : Don’t be on bed that Porcrustes shows you.

Step 2: Get away from Porcrustes.

Step 3 : Try to trip Porcrustes to get his axe to kill him

Step 4 : Try to get him to talk about the beds so you can push him on his bed and kill him or escape.

Step 5: Pretend your dead to escape him and you could go back and kill him or leave.


Percy pushed Procrustes on his water bed and it automatically grabbed his arms and legs. Theseus

Pulled his arm and Procrustes landed on the bed and Theseus was

Able to shackle him quickly. Both

Percy and Theseus used Procrustes

Axe to kill him. So If you were in that situation do the same thing that Percy and Theseus did to kill


Strengths and Weakness

Strengths: His beds with ropes and his Battle axe.

Weakness: His arm Because they are long and he really can’t control them.


Procrustes a giant , at least 7 feet tall, with no hair. Gray leathery skin, thick lidded eyes an cold reptilian smile.

In Greek Mythology he was an Inn keeper and in the lightning thief he owned a water bed store. In both stories he stretches people under 6 feet and chop the head of people over six feet.

Procrustes was a monster who killed people so he can rob them.



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