Traditional Holistic Teachings

DROP IN Every Thursday from 10:30 am - 2:30 pm, Boothroyd

We are Offering a Healing Circle every Thursday at 10:30 am

We will Smudge, Pray, Share, Sing, Drum and Thank creator!! ALL are welcome, Please we request that for the Healing Circle you come free of any substances for respect of all on this Healing Journey!!!

DROP IN For 1 on 1 or Join in on Group Sessions.

When you come in for the DROP IN, you may join in on Workshops such as Drum Making, Learning the Medicine Wheel, Working with Clay and Painting and/or Receive a Healing Massage, Reflexology, Medicine making, OR Request 1 on 1 with either our Art Therapist (Rick Campbell) or our Holistic Addictions Worker (Shoneena Loss).


Rick Campbell

Art Therapist

Shoneena Lee Loss

Holistic Practitioner and Addictions Worker

Why "Traditional Holistic Teachings?"

We are committed to serving the people in this way, the way of our Ancestors! We believe that it is in bringing back our Traditions and practicing them on a daily basis we become whole. Here, we will learn and share what it is to be WHOLE ( Holistic), and we offer ways in which you will experience that!

Wilfred Campbell Community Center, Boothroyd B.C.