Riley Lemons' Bucket List

Top 5

Number 1: Float in the Dead Sea

This unusual activity consists of simply lying on your back and doing nothing. It is so very complicated. The reason you can just float is because of the high concentration of salt that is deposited along the outer rims. Salt is actually harvested here! The edges and bottom are eroded by the moving water, as well as the people in it. And, if you're wondering about how it tastes, you'll be surprised to know that it actually tastes bitter! the high salt concentration confuses your brain.
Dead Sea Floating...a demonstration
Ever wanted to float around and read a newspaper? I mean without a floatation device. You know, like those famous images…like this?
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Number 2: The Grand Canyon Skywalk

This is a horse-shoe shaped bridge with glass bottom and sides, almost 4,000 feet above the floor of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon was carved initially by the Colorado River (running water) and is still being shaped by wind and gravity (a.k.a. most of the agents of physical weathering). The perfect way to cure your fear of heights.
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Number 3: Cave Diving

I would love to go cave diving. Seeing all of the under-water cavern formations that have been carved out by the mild acids water over thousands of years in North-central Florida (the world’s leading cave diving destination) or Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula’s Riviera Maya would be such an amazing experience.

Number 4: Cliff Dive at Devil's Waterhole, TX

There are 3 steps to this: find a cliff, make sure the water is deep enough, and JUMP! Humans obviously wear down the sides of this area, but water and wind play a role, too (especially the water). Exfoliation is also a big factor there, I mean, just look at those rocks!
Look at that guy on the rock that'd way up there- he's about to go cliff diving!

Number 5: Hike the Appalachian Trail

This trail covers most of the span of the Appalachian Mountain Range which is mostly wooded, but has several scenic views to enjoy. There are levels of difficulty on this trail- 1 being flat and smooth to 10 being rock climbing. These mountains have been worn down over time by wind, snow, sleet, hail (oh wait, that saying is used for something else) and many other agents. Lots of physical weathering happens there!
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How long would you last on the Appalachian Trail? (Hiking tips Pt.1)