CIA Agent

Jesús DeFrangesco

What Does a CIA Agent Do?

A worker for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is someone who gathers information about foreign countries's activities to report to the United States Govenerment. An agent mostly works in offices and translates what other countries are saying and doing. A CIA agent must be willing to move to another area for an extended amount of time with their family. Some advantages of becoming a CIA agent include paid time-off, health insurance, salary, life insurance, and more. For obvious reasons, it would be very dangerous for a CIA agent to have his/her identity revealed in the area they are in. The education required to become an agent includes a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, but other backgrounds in internal studies or other law related studies is helpful. Experience in the military and foreign language classes are very helpful for training to become a CIA agent. The salary for a CIA agent varies depending on where they live and how much experience the person has. For example, someone living in California may get a salary between $22,000 and $155,500 per year. Someone in Maryland may recieve up to $132,000 per year.