Race to the finish

Who has the best knowlage on sports?

Race to the finish

Materials included:

Player pieces,Game board, Card, Answer cards, Triangular die, and cards


Only 2-4 players at a time. To start the game, each person places their play piece on the starting line. Next place the cards in one stack. The highest rolling player will go first. The player will draw a card that has three subjects on it. Once you get a subject, you pick up a question card and give it to the person to your right. Try to answer it so you get it right , if you don't get the answer right you don't move forward or backwards and just stay in the same spot.There is a time limit for every person to answer a question, which is 25 seconds

Object of the game

The object of this game is to learn more about sports and athleticism.

Game board subjects

Guaranteed to have fun and learn more about sports

Once someone wins

Once someone wins 1st place the other players keep on playing until there is a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place

Game board Creators

Taylor Kyle: game character maker

Jessica Wenzel: Flyer maker

Devin Gregory: Designer

Jayson Dudley: Question maker