Act 2

Romeo and Juliet

Scene 1

There is a new love between Romeo and Juliet. They are supposed to be enemies and that makes it hard for them to be together. They can't be seen in public together because it is forbidden by each of their parents because of their last names. When they do see one another they are very secretive about it. They eventually decide to marry one another.

Scene 2

While Friar Lawrence is picking herbs and other things Romeo appears and Friar Lawrence has the thought that Romeo has slept with Rosaline. Romeo explains to Friar Lawrence that he no longer loves Rosaline. He tells him that he love Juliet and wants to be with her. He tells him that he wants toe marry her but Friar wasn't sure at first if they should marry each other. But he eventually decides that he will marry them because he wants them to be appy with each other bu wants the fighting between the families to come to end.

Scene 3

Mecutio and Benvolio know that Romeo never came home that night. They both beleive when they see him that he spent the night with Rosaline. The two of them find out that he did not stay the night with Rosaline but with Juliet. The two them later argue with him about not fighting with someone they claim him to be to weak to fight. The nurse finds out about Romeo and Juliet and she goes to the beach to meet him. Juliet waits for the nurse to come back but she doesn't show up.

Scene 4

Juliet is awaiting for the nurse to show up and explain her thoughts of Romeo. the nurse doesn't come back for three hours when she was suppose to be back in a half hour. When the nurse does arrive back home Juliet keeps asking her to tell her everything they talked about and what she thought about him but she won't explain. She won't explain because she claims that she is to tired and hungry. Eventually she tells Juliet what happens and she says that she likes him.

Scene 5

In this scene Romeo is at Friar Lawrence's cave thing waiting for Juliet to show up. He is waiting for her to go there so they get married. While he is awaiting there Friar explains that he needs to not love to deeply but love averagely because he doesn't want him to get hurt.

Scene 6

Romeo is still awaiting for Juliet to come to the cave. Juliet arrives and Friar Lawrence marries them. When Friar marries them the two of them realize no one can know about there marrige.