Morning Notes

Tuesday 10 May

Football Club is on today. Please meet in reception at 1545.

We can confirm we have a new replacement for Choir Club. Choir will be expected as usual today in F04 with Jo Kelsey our new choir teacher.

Table Tennis and Chess Tournament

Hi everyone,

We have organised a table tennis and chess tournament. Details about the tournament are explained in the sign-up form:

The tournament will be held at 1245 every lunch time from 09 May to 13 May. Individuals will be contacted personally for the scheduled time of their match. All participants are kindly asked to donate £2 which will go to Mary's Meals.

Thank you!

Misha and Thomas

Lunch Clubs

Halcyon Ezine Club in F02

Learning Club in B01

Drama Club in the Room of Prayer

Chemistry Review for Grade 10 in T02

Off Campus

Tuesday: Grades 10 and 11

Wednesday: Grades 8 and 11

Thursday: Grades 7 and 11

Friday: Grade 11

Mother Tongue


Maga and Allegra, German in F01

Matilde, Italian in S01

Periods 6 and 7

Alex, Swedish in


Nathan, German in the Hub

Scott and Eveline, Spanish in S02

Fra, Italian in S05

Thomas and Mike, French in B01

After School

Gabriel and Elliot, French in F01

Private Lessons


Fra in F04


Isabella in F04


Mia in T01

After School Clubs

Learning Space in the Hub

Drama Club in the Media Room

Choir Club in F04

Mixed Football at Westway

Today's Lunch Menu

Main Dish Option One

Tofu and asparagus pad thai

Main Dish Option Two

Tortilla lasagna with hot vegetables


Grilled vegetables & feta cheese baguettes

Salad Bar

Mixed salad

Greek chickpea salad

Summer potato salad

Tomato salad

Hard boiled eggs


Fruit crumble

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