Lesson Plan Updates and Tips

Getting Ready for the 3rd Six-Weeks


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Setting Up for the 3rd Six-Weeks

TWO CHOICES - read through both to help you make the best decision for yourself.

1. Start a new template:


2. Make a copy of your 2nd six-weeks file

  • You will retain any formatting you may have customized.
  • Be sure to rename the file for the 3rd six-weeks.
  • Do you have an error in your current file or are the wrong subjects available in your standards selector? You will resolve that most efficiently by starting a new template instead. See the tips and tricks section below for an alternate option.
  • Click here for a tutorial on copying your file for the next six-weeks.


  • Remember that the whole goal of lesson planning in Google is to give you a space to plan how you really need to plan. The non-negotiables are that the Workshop Model is used for ELAR, Math and Social Studies and the 5E Model is used for Science. The lesson plan templates provide a format for designing lessons within these models; however, the goal is for you to be able to really make them your own. You are welcome to modify the formatting to suit your needs. While we have provided a tab for the Workshop Model, for example, if a teacher has a way to format it differently to help them better plan within the Workshop Model, they are welcome to do so.
  • The principal is the instructional leader of the campus and the authority on what is expected in your lesson plans. As long as your principal approves, the District supports that. The goal of lesson planning in Google is for teachers to be able to plan for what they authentically do – however that needs to look on the screen.
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Updates in All 13 Templates

We are working behind the scenes on updates to improve the speed of the standards loading. Stay tuned for some exciting changes coming over the next six weeks.

A lot of the power (and speed) of your planner is in your hands. Be sure to explore tips below for how you can interact with your standards and even how you can control which standards are being imported into your planner.

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  • Make your template connect to other standards databases. Like that new elementary team template but you need secondary standards? Learn how to mix and match here. Caution: some major techno jargon involved, but you may want to boldly give it a try! :)

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If you need help with your lesson plans or using Google Drive in general:

1. Ask your peers

2. Contact your Digital Learning Specialist

3. Contact the technology helpdesk

4. Use the Feedback Form built right into your planner