Modernization of Warfare

Technology Used During WWI

The "Imaginary" Boat

The U-Boat was a submarine used druing WWI that was approximately 214 feet long and carried 35 men and 12 torpedoes. The boat could travel underwater for two hours and sunk about 5,000 ships.
The Use Of U Boats In WWI

Critical Inventions During WWI

"Dead" Man's Land

The land between the trenches was referred to as "No Man's Land" and contained miles of barbed wire, hundreds of corpses, and land mines.

The Main Men

The troops that were apart of the American Expeditionary Force were known as the "Doughboys". The American Expeditionary Force was made up of regular soldiers and marines, National guard soldiers, and drafted soldiers during World War 1.
339th Infantry of the American Expeditionary Force North Russia in Archangel, Rus...HD Stock Footage