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Best way to deal with Stretch marks

Hi, during the time of pregnancy of my son I used to live with by parents in Hawaii. During the 14th week of my pregnancy I notice little line like structure on my belly, on encountering them for the first time I did not really care much about them as the lines were small and light in color. I did not even talk to my mom about it. I thought it was common during pregnancy as the body gains weight rapidly in a short span of time.

It was there in my mind that stretch marks are common during pregnancy but one of the key reasons for their appearance is genetic disorder which was not there in my case as my mom do not had stretch marks during her pregnancy. I was relaxed that I will not be facing this problem. But slowly I witnessed that those lines on my belly were increasing in their length and also there were more such line on my breast. I got really worried at that time and consulted my doctor immediately.

The doctor advice me to relax and keep calm as these line like structures called stretch marks are common during pregnancy. He told me to take care of these marks and apply a good lotions or a cream to them in order to stop them from growing. He also prescribed me to use Dermology Stretch marks cream. It is among the best stretch marks cream available in the market and is truly helpful in lightning them.

I immediately started using this cream and it work wonder for me. The appearance of stretch marks really reduced within one month and after my pregnancy I was not having these scars on my belly and breast. This cream is easy to apply and also perfectly fits into my budget. I love this product and happy to be free from stretch marks.