Alex Gordon

By: Ronin J. Davis

Alex's Bio

Born: 2/10/1984

Where: Lincoln, NE

College: Nebraska


Draft: 2005, Kansas City Royals

2015 stats: HR 96, R 354

MLB Career Stats: H 605, AVG 523

Child Hood

Him and his brother both like crazy horror movies so he spent most his time with his brother at the movie theaters together. Later in his junior season at Nebraska he was awarded for college baseball player of the year, yet still in junior and also awarded with the golden spikes award. And also in his sophomore he hit and average of .372 in 72 games with 22 doubles, 4 triples, and 19 home runs. Then later in his life he was drafted in 1995 he was named no 1 college draft to American baseball as well as second best collegiate power hitter.


His wife Jamie

His son Max

all live in Lincoln Nebraska

His brother Derek Gordon

Pre Game meal

1. protein- chicken



4.grains-whole grain role

5. dairy- milk

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