Locke vs. Jefferson

By: Jordan Maxwell, Obi Obialo and Andrea Morlet

Similarities of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson

1.) Believed all men are created equal and have the right to happiness.

2.) They state that natural rights can't be taken away because humans are born with rights that are governed by natural laws and not by a government.

3.) They both wanted to have a leader that worked to help the people, not a person who had total control and did not work to help the people.

4.) Both of their writings are very similarly going over some of the same views.

5.)The Second Treatise of Government and the Declaration of Independence are very similar in their writings, which proves Locke's work had an impact on Jefferson.

6.) Both have the same ideal image of the government.


The two most important similarities between the ideas that John Locke and Jefferson shared are their views on the natural rights of the people and their right to overthrow the government. They believed that everyone is created equally and that the people of the country have the power to overthrow the government if it is abusing its power. Possessing equal rights continues to be a prominent concept in our country and is one of the most important characteristics that founded the United States because it allows people to feel a sense of unity and respect. The people’s power to overthrow the government under the right circumstances is vital as well because it keeps the government from obtaining too much power to the point of it becoming a dictatorship. This country was founded by the people, therefore it should be mindful of their rights.
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