7 Maroon Newsletter

What's Happening in February!

Welcome to 7 Maroon!

This monthly newsletter is to inform 7 Maroon families about what's happening on our team and in each of our classrooms. Here are some important announcements:

Please check teacher websites and communicate questions with teachers about assignments, specifically changes to due dates due to the multiple snow days earlier this week.

As we approach the mid-point of the quarter, it is very important to continue regularly checking Infinite Campus and communicate with teachers about missing assignments and grades. Our team will offer a "fun day" period during Eagle Time on Friday the 26th for students with no missing assignments. Students with missing assignments will be required to work during that period.

Dates to Know:
-Feb. 8th-11th: School-wide Pennies for Patients

-Feb. 12th: No School for students--Teacher Professional Development Day

-Feb. 15th: No School--President's Day

-Feb. 26th: Choice Window closes

-Feb. 26th: Eagletime Fun Day for students with no missing assignments

Be sure to check out teachers' individual webpages for calendars and class specific resources. Click HERE to go to the team's page.

Social Studies

We are continuing our unit on Ancient China. Students should have completed their research and presentations on the Chinese Dynasties. There are some great resources and videos on the Social Studies website! We will learn about the Chinese New Year next week and conclude this unit by studying Chinese beliefs, food, and culture. After, we will begin our unit on India. Keep checking the website for important dates and homework assignments.


Due to the three "Snow Days" from last week, our class schedule has changed. We will be going over the pedigree notes and homework from last week on Monday. Tuesday we will take the Post test on Genetics. For the next couple of weeks we will be working on taxonomy with at least one day outside to identify trees. We will close our the month with the Kingdoms of living things. We are getting closer to our dissections!!l

Language Arts

Students are continuing their Medieval Historical Fiction unit this month. Students will finish their novels and complete a project and an essay. The unit will conclude on 2/19. After Medieval Historical Fiction, students will begin a short Non-Fiction unit that examines excerpts from various recent memoirs and non-fiction sources in addition to a short story. Vocabulary and Outside Reading are on-going.

Dates to Know:

-Feb 2nd: Multiple Intelligence Project DUE--CHANGED DUE TO SNOW DAYS, NEW DUE DATE IS FRIDAY, 2/5

-Feb 10th or 11th: Essay Rough Draft DUE

-Feb 19th: Essay Final Drafts DUE

-Feb 22nd: Begin Non-Fiction

-March 1st: Quarter 3 Outside Reading Project (including log and evaluation) DUE

Advanced Language Arts

Students are continuing their text study of either Robin Hood or King Arthur. Once the "Medieval" Historical Fiction unit concludes, students will begin a unit on biographies and autobiographies with strong ties to the Social Studies curriculum. Vocabulary and Outside Reading are on-going.

Dates to Know:

-Feb 2nd: Essay Rough Draft DUE


-Feb. 16th: Begin Biographies/Autobiographies "Capstone"

-Feb. 18th: Historical Fiction Outside Reading DUE (last day!)

Math (Grade Level and Accelerated)

Parents, I hope you survived Snowmaggedon without major difficulty. This month we will continue to be working on the same units as last month. Solving quadratics for the accelerated group and proportions, rates and ratios for the grade level group. Before the storm, the vast majority of students received progress reports. Those that were absent will get them this week. They are to be signed and returned for a grade.