A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By: William Sigler aka Puck

Summary of the Book

It is your typical love story were Lysander and Hermia fall in love. Lysander cannot marry her because of her fathers wishes; Egeus wants her to wed Demetrius. When the love struck couple runs away into the forest, Lysander becomes a victim of missapplied magic and waking up in love with a different women; Helena. (My character) Puck is a mischievous fairy who commits pranks among society. When his devious and enchanting ways get in the way of his pranking antics he misuses the love potion and makes chaos between the character and the love circle.

Act V, Scene 2

Puck says that the night is for the "walking dead" and that there is scary things that go on during the night. That lions and wolves walk after the humans go to bed. That was the time for things " to go bump in the night" and that the walking dead walks from the graveyard to the churchyards. Puck eases into the inference he's a (mostly) friendly spirit who's int the habit of blessing households.
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Puck's Speech (Neil Perry - Dead Poets Society)

Written and designed William Sigler