World Languages Update

January 21, 2016

Reminder: Level 1 ASW February 17

This is a reminder that we will have our mid-year ASW together as a level 1 team. Even if you don't teach level 1, you are welcome to attend. The meeting is 3:30-4:30 at Lindholm. More Information to help you prepare is within the calendar invite for February 17th. See you then!


Monday, June 13 through Thursday June 16 is when we will do our Level 2 French and Level 2 Spanish curriculum revision, just like what happened with Level 1 last June. If you are interested, please keep those dates open.

At this point, I would be seeking 1 teacher of the language from each high school who teaches Level 2 and 2 MS teachers who teach the language to ensure we have a variety on the team.

Let me know if you have questions.

Reminder: One-on-Ones


"It’s difficult to dream about new things when you’re wrapping up old."--Dan Rockwell, author of Leadership Freak blog

January is a good time to set new goals, as many do with New Year's Resolutions. While it is only mid-January, in order to begin thinking toward next year for our team's goal, I'd like to sit down with each of you during a voluntary one-on-one to listen and collect feedback. Doing so will be a good way for me to listen to your individual voices.

To participate, please send me a calendar invite during the month of February. Once we have a date/time (15-20 minutes), I will send you one question in advance to think about that will focus our conversation. Sample questions might be:

  1. What do we need to keep doing because it works?
  2. What could be better?
  3. What might we stop doing?
  4. How might I help you be more successful?
  5. What is success for you?
  6. What is success for our team?

Accessing ACTFL Webinars

This is a repeat announcement from last spring and earlier this school year.

With second semester upon us, you may want to engage in some personal professional learning we have available. We have purchased a myriad of ACTFL webinars to view and do some professional learning! The video below walks you through how to access them.

Contact Sharin for more information to get started.

Accessing Purchased ACTFL Webinars

Cross District Peer Observations in Level 1

Some of you have expressed interest in cross-district peer observations of another Level 1 teacher starting second semester. While there is no 'form' expected of you to complete during/following your peer observation, it is optimal for you to arrange a time for your observer to come when you are honing in on interpretive reading activities, we are practicing strategies to increase students' achievement to help us reach our team goal.

Once you have mutually arranged a date, please let me know so I can help secure subs.

Level 1 Reading and Feedback/Conferring

As a reminder, as we inch closer to when you will prepare students and assess them using the mid-year interpretive reading assessment that we will ASW around on February 17, please invite me in to see how you are utilizing the strategy(s) shared and/or if you'd like to team together to model a think aloud with an anchor chart. The strategy is shared once again below.

Likewise, if you are engaging students with some form of teacher-student or student-student feedback and conferring, please invite me to come see it live. It could be formal or informal. Some of you are declaring grades and this is a practice that has become infused in some or all your classes with students.