World War 2

Adiva Peters and Kiana Nunez


Aircraft development was crucial during WWII due to its increased use throughout the war-bombers, fighters and reconnaissance. Massive bombing raids were being utilized as alternative to static trench warfare. Air superiority was the goal of both the Allies and the Axis, each dedicating as much man/woman and machine power as possible to produce the ultimate air weapon. By the end of WWII, pilots were flying jet aircraft. Other advancements in armament, maneuverability and radar assisted with the continual advancement of military aircraft.

A Few World War II Aircrafts

Flying Boats

Jet Propelled Fighters

Heavy Bombers

Some refer to the B-29 as the definitive heavy bomber of World War II. B-29s were used widely in bombing Japan. The aircraft is most notably remembered as the aircraft that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Heavy bombers were used too hold and release bombs. In WWI, heavy bombers were originally used as a airliner, then later on going towards WWII, they were used to hold bombs.
War Thunder - The Flying Boats of WWII