Top Hulu Original Series

The appearance of streaming video services reconfigured the term “home entertainment”, opening a wide range of possibilities to content producers as well as modifying the way in which top hulu original series and movies are consumed.

Netflix was the forerunner of digital platforms, it was even the spearhead when it decided to invest its capital to produce original content.

Hulu , a subsidiary created by Walt Disney, 21th Century Fox, Comcast and a division of Warner Bros.

Hulu has many productions to which you should give a few minutes of your time and that you may not know are part of its catalog.

Here are the 5 Best Original Series

1. Runaways

Marvel also came to Hulu with Runaways ,the best hulu originals that follows six young people who are very different from each other, but who will have to team up if they want to annihilate the villains: their own parents.

Based on the hit comic by Brian K. Vaughn , Runaways has been described as The OC knows Marvel and is one of the recently produced series that has a Certificate of Freshness on our Tomatometer.

2. The Path

The Path is perhaps Hulu's most controversial series. In the key of a thriller, the story focuses on the charismatic leader of a new age spiritual cult called the Meyerista Movement.

Combining adventure with family drama, The Path premiered its third season this year starring Aaron Paul and of her, Tim Goodman.

3. Future Man

Seth Rogen produces this futuristic comedy that follows a bum who gets more than he bargained for when he passes all the levels of a seemingly forgotten video game.

Future Man is a must see series for all Futurama , Robot Chicken and Family Guy fans .

4. 11.22.63

This top hulu original series is Based on the 11/22/63 novel by Stephen King , this 8-part mini-series follows a divorced English teacher played by James Franco.

Who has the opportunity to travel back in time to the 1960s to try to avoid murder. by John F. Kenned, and yet his mission will be threatened.

5. The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale , is the first primetime series on Hulu to win an Emmy for Outstanding Dramatic Series.

The story unfolds in the future showing the quasi-religious regime that prevails in the United States, which brutally subjugates women with the intention of controlling their sexuality.

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