RME Library Tales

Mrs. Raychel - Librarian ~ PSJA ISD ~ 2nd Six Weeks

Book Worm Event

Two students from each classroom were selected by merit to attend the library's Book Worm Event. Each student was able to check out two of the new books purchased for the library before they became available to the rest of the students. They had a great time selecting new titles, getting a free bookmark, and enjoying a small treat!

Storybook Parade ~ October 30, 2015

The Day the Crayons Quit

A big thank you goes to my wonderful co-workers for helping me create a colorful splash at this year's storybook parade! The students loved seeing their favorite characters from the story.
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COMPLETE Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series Winner

Silvestre was the lucky winner chosen to win all ten of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Have fun reading!
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2ns Six Weeks A.R. Celebration "Book Dynasty"

Students were going "QUACKERS" over our Duck Dynasty themed celebration. Snacks including PECAN PIE were served! Students were able to select a duck from the pond & play bingo for some awesome prizes! Awards were presented and special bookmarks & pencils were given to all! Great job students!

Great Prizes (Thanks again to our Teacher Toy Drive!)

Some of our avid readers left with a new friend!

And ALL of our readers left with a smile on their face!

Chill out and READ!

Thanks to the funds collected through the juice pouch recycling effort, students have been able to enjoy "A.R. Days" in the library. These days are dedicated to getting comfortable, and reading. Students are also encouraged to take A.R. tests to increase their word counts and reach A.R. goals. After a hectic day in the classroom, the students truly enjoy this time to unwind with a good book!

THANK YOU STUDENTS, PARENTS, & STAFF for making our 1st Book Fair a HUGE Success!