Chester Elementary Newsletter

April 12- 16, 2021

Hello Chester Families,

Welcome back Mountain Kids! Your CES staff is ready to rock the rest of this school year, are you?

Things to Remember:

  • Students will be in the AM/PM model for 2 more weeks. Return to School 100% will occur on April 26th.
  • The Bell Schedule for the return to 100% in person learning is below. The schedule for grades 1-6 will be M-Th 8:10-2:30 and Friday 8:10-11:50. Kindergarten will continue with the AM/PM sessions.
  • Once we are back to 100%, we invite everyone to wear their Chester Volcano swag or Green and White every Friday.
  • Calling all TK/K siblings! Enrollment is now open for the fall. See the information that follows below.

Our students have shown resilience, independence, responsibility and grit which has helped them explore, learn and thrive. We are proud to be part of their education.

Stay Well,

Colly Fischer

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Return to 100% FAQ

Return to School 100% on April 26, 2021

What are the hours? Grades 1-6: 8:10-2:30 Monday-Thursday and 8:10-11:50 on Fridays. TK/K AM Monday-Thursday 8:10-11:00 and PM 11:40-2:30. All TK/K students on Fridays from 8:10-11:30.

Will I need to sign anything? No

Will my student need to wear a mask and social distance? Yes indoors and outdoors. Teachers will provide mask breaks for students throughout the day. These will be conducted outdoors with more than 6 foot distancing.

Will all students be screened? No, parents and guardians will be responsible for screening prior to arrival.

What happens if my student is ill? We will be following the same protocols that have been implemented this year.

Will my child eat on campus? Yes, students will be eating lunch at school. Breakfast will be provided from 7:45-8:05. While eating, there will be fewer students per lunch period, with students spaced out for distancing. Handwashing and/or sanitizing, masking and social distancing will continue as we follow all Health and Safety Protocols.

Will there be Meal Delivery? No, but Grab and Go will be available for pick up.

How will pick up and drop off work? If you are dropping off or picking up your child by car please be respectful of others, and avoid parking in the yellow loading zone in front of the school. Always pull forward and watch carefully! BE SAFE and RESPECTFUL of all our families and staff members. It may be quicker to park in the nearby neighborhood and walk to pick up your child.

What happens if my child's teacher is sick? We will try to place a substitute teacher with the class. If we are unable to do that, the school will contact you by 6 AM that day and your child will learn remotely until the teacher returns.

Where do my children enter and exit? Grades 1-6 enter through the front door. Grades 1-5 exit through the front door and grade 6 exits through the side parking lot. Kindergarten enters and exits at the kindergarten playground gate.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Bainbridge

First: Mrs. Cardona

Second: Mrs. O’Kelley

Third: Mrs. Geer and Mrs. Twitchell

Fourth: Mrs. Crowther

Fifth: Mrs. Tantardino

Sixth: Ms. Whalen and Mrs. White

Independent Study Teacher: Mrs. Bauer

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Dates:

4/21- 6th Grade Rafting Trip

4/26- Return to 100%

Screening Procedures

Parents will be asked to screen students prior to arrival at school. In summary, parents will check to see how their child is feeling prior to sending them to school. If there are any symptoms, you will not send them. If students display any symptoms while at school or at home, the same procedure of staying home 10 days, or getting a medical clearance or a Covid test still remain in place. It is important to call the school when your child is absent!

See the following image or read here for more information.

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Parent and Community Resources

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Meal Information

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