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The countrys basic

The country's name is Azerbaijan. The capital of Azerbaijan is Baku. The flag of Azerbaijan is green, red, and blue strips a crescent moon and eight pointed star. The blue means Turkic origin of the Azerbaijan people. The red means to build modern society, to develop democracy. The green means it expresses the affiliation to the Islamic. The crescent moon is the symbol of the Turkic people. The eight pointed in the history is explained as Turkism, Islamism, Modernity, Statehood, Democracy, Azerbaijanism, and Culture.

The countrys geography

The continent Azerbaijan is on has been argued over because it is on both Europe and Asia. The country's that surround it on Europe is Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran. The major landforms that are physical features are the Caucasus mountains, Lesser Caucasus, Tallish mountains. The major landmarks (human geographic features)are the Maiden tower, Palace of the shirvanshahs, hydra aliev center, ECT... Major bodies of water are the Caspian Sea. How does the environment effect the citizen's lives is that it effects the citizens lives because they have to get around the environment and other things.

The Government

Azerbaijan's type of government is limited, Republic. The leader of Azerbaijan is Ilham Aliyev. The leaders are chosen by being elected. The rights and rolls the citizens play are general power, basic rights, freedoms and duties, state power, municipality, right and law.


Azerbaijan has the GDP of 75.20% since 2015. Azerbaijan's money is called Azerbaijan 1 dollar in the us is 1.05 dollars in Azerbaijan. There main export commodities are oil, gas, machines, and cotton. There main import commodities are fuel, energy, food, and capital goods. There life expectancy is male 69.6 female 75.1, birth rate is 16.96, literacy rate is ages 15 and up 99.78, there drinking water supply is all could find was that it was improved.


The women wear graceful dresses , men wear emphasizes courage. There official language is Azerbaijani or Azeri 82%. There holidays are new years day, martyrs day, women's day, ECT.... There religion is mostly Muslim 99.2%. There most popular dish is pilaf fragrant it contains saffron, juicy kebab, sumac, buglana, and levengi.


There general weather conditions the temperature is varied between 35 f to 90 f. The average yearly rainfall in Azerbaijan is 1600 to 1800mm. The average yearly temp. is around 75 f. The climate can keep people indoors for days because of harsh winters.


Azerbaijan declared its independence from Russia in May 1918. The republic was reconquered by the Red Army in 1920 and was annexed into the Transcaucasian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922.. Azerbaijan declared independence from the collapsing Soviet Union on Aug. 30, 1991.

Comapre and contrast

Azerbaijan's religion is Jews and the US also has Jews. Has a different lanuages and clothing