Quest Update Winter 2016

Exploration Encounter Exchange

Sedgwick History Day: A Legacy Opportunity

Quest students inspire, mentor and lead the way to a first ever schoolwide Sedgwick History Day. The 8th grade theme of Legacy has taken on a life of its own for these Quest vets. Some are taking up the junior division History Day challenge for the 3rd time and advising others in their history classes. Some having started Quest in 4th grade are working on their 5th high powered creative project built upon months of exploration, searching and thinking. These seasoned researchers are also questioning the world around with current event topics. Our recent presidential vote spawned a lively discussion of the candidates and their views on foreign policy.

Adolescent Brains Continue

7th graders are continuing the theme of the Adolescent Brain by using them in weekly Socratic Seminars. They have tackled juicy questions like; “Are there times when you should be violent?” Based on a reading of Martin Luther King’s non-violent philosophy, students tried to see potential situations from multiple perspectives. Ask your 7th grade Socratic thinker to explain the process. They are also passionately engaged in their independent investigations. Topics vary from the history of the combustible engine to the future of female broadcasters and the history of the Black Plague to the past, present and future of environmental hazards impacting whales.

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Intellectual Identity

6th graders show serious signs of having their “rings together.” Their motivation is in full swing with their ability and creativity. Students are entering middle school with more sophisticated research skills than in years past. Some in this group have a unique interest in ancient history. One serious group is deep into the mysteries of Pompei, while others are sorting out social and military strengths of Athens and Sparta. Others are exploring catastrophic events; Hartford Circus Fire, The Boston Fire of 1872, and the sinking of the Lucitania to name a few. There is never a dull moment in the Quest room, even on Wednesdays, when we practice the skills of improvisation.