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Week of January 17

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  • Emerson HS Movement Camp
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Objective Cards

Performance Objective(Assessed At School) - Minor Grade

  • These items will be passed off during class/sectionals by a director

Action Objective(Completed Outside of Class Period)

  • This section will be for students who are looking for acceleration!

How to earn a Karate Belt

  • Students must pass off ALL Performance Objectives
  • WE Pass off ALL Action Objectives
  • SB/CB Pass off 1 Action Objective
  • Parent Signatures required on Objective Card
  • Belts will be awarded twice a nine weeks

Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band Sectional

Sectionals are REQUIRED this semester and will have a weekly playing test that will count as a Major Test Grade. Students are preparing for the UIL contest that will occur in March. UIL is the musical equivalent to STAAR testing in our core subjects.

These sectionals serve as critical preparation for the full bands performance and everyone's attendance is essential. Conflicts that arise must be communicated in advance. If a student is out due to illness or through advance parental communication that is director approved then the student will be allowed to make up the grade without penalty. Students missing a sectional without communication will be allowed to perform for max credit of a 70. It is the students responsibility to schedule a time to makeup the playing exam and makeup the missed instruction.

Percussion students will be notified a week in advance of sectionals as needed. Flexibility in needed as we coordinate with Emerson HS directors.

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Wind Ensemble - Canvas Updates

Objective Cards are located in Canvas if extra are needed.

Each week in class we will record a runthrough and Listening Reflection will be assigned in Canvas. Students are responsible for listening and providing feedback prior to Monday's rehearsal. Listening Assignments will stay accessible for 1 week and are a completion assessment.

Reference Recordings and UIL Music Parts can be found in the resources section of our Canvas page.

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Any and all donations to help support our band hall, students and directors would be greatly appreciated!

Covid Positive or Quarantine?

If your child has to stay home due to being Covid positive or is quarantining we want to make band as little stress as possible. Please use the guidelines below to help your child feel at ease with expectations:

Feeling Ill: Your child does not need to practice or worry about what is going on in band. We will catch them up once they return. Please have them clean their instrument prior to playing. Click HERE for instructions on how to clean brass instruments. Woodwind instruments need to throw away reeds that were used during the time they were ill.

Quarantine or Asymptomatic: Continue to practice as guided by the practice log focusing on the items assigned on the objective card.

Upcoming Events

January 26- Booster Meeting @5:30 via zoom

January 27 - Mel Mallow Clinic in Wind Ensemble

February 2 - Mel Mallow Clinic in Symphonic Band

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