Heartbreak Project

Flowery Branch High School

Substance Abuse

I have experienced and seen this ruin so many families and relationships. I hate with a passion how addictive these substances are and how quickly it can take away a beautiful persons personality.
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Sex Trafficking

Being Atlanta is one of the most popular area for sex trafficking this topic is c=very close to home for me. This happens in our backyard and most people do not know this.

Abusive Relationships

This is a serious issue because the signs of your loved one being in an abusive relationships can be so small that they suffer in silence. I see people every day who feel stuck in a horrible relationship and I hope one day there is enough support for them to feel safe getting out.
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Cancer, especially skin cancer, runs rapidly in my family. This is important because many of of my loved ones have fought, or are still fighting, cancer.

Rape Victims

While I do not have a personal recollection involving rape, this topic is very close to my heart. Rape is continually becoming more and more acceptable. I hope one day the point of views of men and women around the world changes and they realize no one was "asking for it".
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