The Pamlico Sound

The Largest Sound Around!

The Pamlico Sound

The Pamlico Sound is the largest sound in north Carolina. The sound stretches all the way from Portsmouth island to Cape Lookout, that's well over half of the outer banks! The Pamlico Sound is a huge tourist attraction for fishing, bird watching, and sight seeing. This brings lots of money to the local area and to North Carolina in general. The Pamlico Sound is fed by three main rivers, the Oregon river, the Hatteras river, and the Ocracoke river. The Pamlico sound is home to millions of birds, fish, clams, wolves, and other semi aquatic animals like turtles and frogs. Some specific examples of these animals include the loggerhead sea turtle, oysters, flounder, wild horses, pelicans, sea gulls, and even Balled Eagles! It is imperative that we protect this land as it is the home of millions of people and animals and it is an incredible work of nature that brings our state wealth. Some threats to the sound are pollution, this is a bad problem because it can kill animals and completely throw off the food chain and the whole estuaries balance. Also another threat is over fishing because this causes there to not be enough of one species of fish which will also throw off the balance of the estuary.

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