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The Nation has been raving about NeriumAD - age defying night cream -

And, now they're raving about NeriumFIRM!

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The results are undeniable!

Simplicity WINS!

NeriumFirm is ONE simple product, ONE simple step, that women and men are raving about nation-wide.

No wraps, no pills, no "extra" services, ... nothing but



Baby belly -

Natalie has two young kids, and has been struggling with the "tummy stuff" since. Check out her results -
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My personal favorite story & results -

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A little long, but wonderful life-changing REAL story -

Hi name is Stacey Madrigal. I am an RN from SoCal, am married with four kids, and love Jesus. After much prayer and consideration, I want to tell my friends and fellow brand partners that 'the belly' is NOT my friend's belly as I claimed in my original's MINE. After 3 babies and years worth of being pregnant or nursing, this is what's left of my belly. THIS is motherhood. Before you criticize me for not coming forward originally, please consider the fact that I have been attempting to HIDE this disgusting piece of flesh for 8 years...I have felt ashamed and disfigured for 8 years. Never in a million years did I think I would have the courage to claim it as my own. But after hearing about all the skepticism about whether this is even a real pic, and after the urging of friends and family, I have decided to tell the world that this is me. I also think that my fellow brand partners deserve to know that this pic is legit and comes from one of their own. I hope and pray that this is more than extra business...I hope and pray that there are other mothers out there that can hope again after seeing my photo. Thank you brand partners for sticking up for me and for the integrity of the company when others were claiming the pic as a fake....and thank you Nerium for not only healing my daughter's face and for giving me hope for my thrice post-partum belly, but for giving me hope for the future...hope that one day, I might have the financial freedom to stay home with my family. Have a blessed weekend, and for all you mothers out there, this is for YOU. Happy Mother's Day! Matthew 6:33

The knees -

Many of have been using NeriumAD night for this area. Now, we have a better option with NeriumFirm.
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* reduces the appearance of cellulite and dimpling, and

* helps smooth, tighten, and firm the appearance of loose skin.

Dr. Randy Nordyke endorses NeriumFirms effectiveness -

According to Dr. Randy Nordyke, Nerium Firm is showing better results for reducing the appearance of cellulite than the very expensive Venus procedure in his med spa.

Dr. Nordyke owns a Medical Spa in California and specializes in reducing cellulite for his clients. In fact, he purchased a $90,000 dollar Venus Machine which sole purpose is to increase collagen and diminish cellulite. Dr. Nordyke charges clients up to $2,200 for treatments with this machine! Why is this so significant? Dr. Nordyke said that the Nerium Firm is ALREADY delivering BETTER results than his Venus treatments AND his clients haven't even been on the Firm for 90 days yet!!

Listen to the Recorded Call... 661-673-8609
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"I'm ready for my Summer Shape Up!"

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You're ready for your Summer Shape Up?!!

Nerium International is celebrating the launch of this incredible product!

** Preferred Customer Pricing is $70+tax/shipping

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With the 30-day Guarantee, you have everything to gain - firmer, toner, smoother skin!

The arms -

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Introducing NeriumFirm: The latest in skincare

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