Animal Cloning

How will this effect our future?

Cloning Mice

Scientist in Japan clone a simple field mouse by using Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT). The scientist took blood from a mouse in their laboratory after it died. They cloned the smll rodent by splitting the nucleus and transferring it to a female mouse's egg cell. Then the female mouse gave birth to a perfect clone of the mouse that had died!

Is meat from cloned animals okay to eat?

Milk and beef from cloned cows

Studies show that milk and beef from cloned cows was safe to eat. In 2010 a study to test wether or not cloned meat was safe to eat. Milk and beef from cloned cows were given to a study group at the FDA. The study found that the meat and milk were safe to eat. These animals were subjected to the same type of food that natural animals were. Scientist could not find a difference in the meat or milk.
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