Summer Book Swap

Bring a few....Take a few!

Summer is almost here, and students need access to new books while the LILA library is closed. Next Wednesday, May 23rd, we will have a summer book swap at school. All students are invited to donate books to the swap that they no longer want. They will receive tickets that they can trade in for the same number of books that they donate. Books will be collected in the morning, and classes will come to the swap in the library throughout the day. English books can be swapped for English books, and Spanish books can be swapped for Spanish or English books. Hopefully, everyone will find many new titles to keep them busy reading over the summer! Remember to bring in the books you are ready to let go next Wednesday, May 23rd.


Profe Claire Gilbert

5th grade teacher

Summer Book Swap

Wednesday, May 23rd 2012 at 8am-2pm

LILA Library