American Dream

Ricardo Cardenas

Definition of The American Dream

The American Dream, everyone has heard about it but don't do they really know what it is? Well for starters The American dream isn't just one thing it is many things tailored by the life of the person pursuing said American dream. One undeniable factor that comes into play in most everyone's American dream in financial stability, because with that financial stability it cracks open the Metaphoric door to the American dream that can lead to much more one example being security. The security in knowing you're well off and that you can protect what is yours, point being that once financial stability is achieved the American dream will soon follow slow or fast but it will.
The Pursuit of Happyness Trailer [HQ]

Media Connection

The example I choose was the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness" (That just so happens to be one of the unalienable rights) because this movie is what the American dream is all about. This movie is about a man who loses everything his wife, house, and money and is forced to live on the streets. this movie centers around him as he tries to climb up the economic latter with nothing but an idea and the will to give him and his son a better life.


The American dream is a great thing but with anything positive they're are always a plentiful amount of negatives to go with it. In this case it is things that hinder people from achieving the American dream, I know that being born into a low socio economic class is a huge hindrance to those who strive for the American dream. Isabel V. Sawhill said that "the United States, far from being the land of opportunity celebrated in our history and out literature, is instead a country where class matters after all, where upward mobility is constrained, especially among those born in the bottom ranks" and also in "Dear Steph Curry, Now That You Are Mvp Please Don't Come Visit My High School" the letter in a plea from a teacher to pro basketball player Steph Curry to never visit his high school because he will give hope to the under privileged kids at his high school and make them believe they can be pro but he "wont say that since the day you were born you had a professional one-on-one tutor....your father dell curry was an nba great" which speaks to the disadvantages of kids born into poverty.

My Beliefs

I feel as if the American dream does still exist, but in order to achieve it you must really want it and o work harder than the rest who are already working hard. Minority's should be given more opportunities not because they're minorities but because they're legitimately better and work harder than non-minority's. In the video "Awakening the American dream: Kevin Maggiacomo, Kevin explains that a company previously ran by 95% make engineers for a website for women was changed to 50% and 50% of male and women because of the fact they decided that women engineers should have he say on a website for women that is defiantly a step in the right direction.