A Guide to Bunburying

By: Maryn Swinney

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is when someone changes themselves to escape unwanted obligations and responsibilities. You don't want to go to your aunt's wedding? Bunyburying is the hobby for you! Does your husband constantly complain you don't clean enough? Your new one won't! Bunburying allows you to a completely new and different lifestyle!

Step One: Preparation

Plan Who You Are Going to Be

You won't know what to do if you don't have an image of who you're going to be disguised as. Do you want to be a secret trash man? An artist? Think about the following: your name, appearance, personality, and job.

Make a Backup Plan

What if you're Bunburying and you see someone who actually knows you? A backup plan will help with that! You could even make a third identity to use if you don't feel like explaining you're a coward who can't handle responsibility!

Buy Anything You Need

Anything you think you might need buy it. Are you afraid your neighbors are going to wonder why you almost never have a car in your driveway? Buy a new car. If the clothes you have now won't fit your second persona then you should buy a new wardrobe specifically for that image!

Step Two: Contacting and Friendships

Get a Different Number

Imagine you're having a date night with your girlfriend Danielle when Eleanor calls. What happens then? Instead of making your chances of getting caught even greater, get a new number! That way you can separate your friends and other contacts from each life!

Have Another Address

I don't necessarily mean buy a whole new house, though if that's what you'd like to do then go ahead. I would suggest renting a P.O box for your alter ego. That way all the bills will go there and if you have guests over you won't have to lie about why you're getting someone else's mail.

Step Three: Staying with Your Plan

Keep Your Plan B Handy

You'll never know if something bad is going to happen! Just in case, you should always keep your plan be in mind - or even in writing. Carry it in your bag if you must, just always know what to do if someone finds out your secret.

Don't Tell Anyone

Anyone. Just because the person you tell promises not to tell anyone doesn't mean they won't tell their best friend. And after many promises not to tell anyone the whole town will know and you'll be mad at everyone. Seriously don't do it.

Possible Problems While Bunburying

  • People could find out
  • Relationships could be ruined

Meet Miley

MIley is a girl who became bored with her ordinary life. Using her vocal talents, she became a world sensation under the name of Hannah Montana. Though Hannah had a great time on stage, Miley also had friends and schoolwork. A lot of relationships and friendships were in jeopardy, but Miley worked through it!