D/FW Kizomba Universe

Promoting Unity in Our Community

May Newsletter No. 2

May 9 - May 16


D/FW Kizomba Universe is a group of dancers who have joined together to promote unity in our local Kizomba community through social dance events and learning opportunities. We shy away from focusing in on one kizomba sub category and instead strive to be the most well-rounded dancers that we can be by learning from a variety of instructors. We love to dance Semba, Traditional Kizomba, Urban Kiz, and other styles of Kizomba that are born through the evolution of the dance. Our community is comprised of dancers with varying experience levels from Instructors to novice dancers. The one thing we have in common is our love for the dance...and that allusive Kizomba connection

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The Kizomba Connection

Sometimes I can see you better with my eyes closed. - Carolina Ven

I saw this post on social media today and my mind immediately went to Kizomba. Many times when dancing Kizomba in closed hold I find myself closing my eyes. With my eyes closed I feel the music, my partner’s movement, and at times it seems that I can feel their spirit, their soul, the essence of who they are. It is as though we can communicate without saying a word. It is an exchange of positive energies.

At the end of a dance with a great shared connection many times I pull away feeling a sense of kinship. In the few minutes that we danced they left some of them self with me, and I with them. In essence we have bonded. I find it magical that without saying a word, and maybe not even knowing each other's name two people could feel a sense of emotional or spiritual closeness to one and other. This is the magic of Kizomba. With my eyes closed, you can allow me to see you. Show me your heart, and I can show you mine.

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**Click Here** for Thursday Class: Kizomba I & II

@ Alpha Midway with Rhashika & Juleon

**Click Here** for Thursday Class: Kizomba II & III

@ Alpha Midway with Rhashika and Juleon

**Click Here** for Advanced Apprenticeship Program

@ Apha Midway Please see details and requirements

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