California Times

By Brinda Bobbala

Interview with Jenna FOx

CT: Today we are having an interview with THE Jenna Fox.

Hello Mrs.Fox

Jenna Fox: Hello

CT: What was your reaction to the shocking news your parents gave you 260 years ago?

Jenna Fox: I was pretty mad. I knew that they did what any parent would do for their child, but I felt like an illegal labpet.

CT: Do you still miss Kara and Locke?

Jenna Fox: Yes, I still miss them a lot. They were really good friends, and I would do anything to go back to that day that Kara made me buy that red skirt. I still remember that day.

CT: I have heard that you have a daughter now is that true?

Jenna Fox: Yes, I do her name is Kayla. I named her after Kara and Locke.

CT: Do you miss your husband? I am sorry I do not know his name.

Jenna Fox: His name is Ethan and yes, I do miss him, but I can't do anything now.

CT: How did the accident that caused all this happen?

Jenna Fox: We wanted to go to a party, my parents were not home and I had the keys to the car. I refused to drive, because I didn't have my liscence yet. Kara said that she would drive and I agreed, even though I knew I shouldn't have. We went to the party, we enjoyed for 5 min and then a fight brokeout. We were really scared, we ran to the car and got in. Nobody bothered to put their seatbelts on in the hurry. We calmed down after some time. Nobody realized that Kara's foot was still on the pedal and we reached a curve we yelled to Kara, but we suddenly fell off and I could hear Kara and Locke screaming my name. I will never forget that horrifying moment.

CT: Did your father, the creater of Bio gel keep your backups?

Jenna Fox: Yes, he did but I threw it into the pond becuase I wanted my own life.

CT: Did your parents ever think of recreating Kara and Locke too?

Jenna Fox? Yes, they did. My mom saw Kara and Lockes parents at the hospital and wanted to help them. My dad got all the information, but soon the police reports came out and they never went near my parents. They couldn't get and DNA from them and...... they soon died.

CT: Are you ever going to go back to Boston?

Jenna Fox: Yes, I will. I will go when my daughter grows up. I will go there in winter and feel the coldness against my face, because no mother should outlive their child.

CT: How did you find out about the biogel inside you?

Jenna Fox: I got cut really deep, and when my mom saw it she started freaking out. I looked and saw blue gel inside my body. That is when I started asking questions.

CT: Why do you live in Mr. Bender's house now?

Jenna Fox: My parent's house burned down so the only place I could go to was Mr. Bender's house.

CT: That is all the time we have today. Thank you for the interview Mrs. Fox.

Jenna Fox: You are welcome.


Kara Manning

Kara Manning died during a car accident about 240 years ago. Kara, Locke and Jenna Fox were speeding across the road without their seat belt. Jenna Fox, the only one surprisingly alive says that nobody realized that Kara's foot was still firmly pressing on the pedal. They slid off. Locke died 2 weeks after the accident. Kara the second passenger suffered from severe head trauma, when she was thrown out of the car and couldn't give the reporters any information. She died 3 weeks later when her family took her off life support. Jenna Fox says that she will always miss her dear friends Kara and Locke.

National News

The FSEB has changed their position on what it means to be human. They now say that people who have 60% of bio gel within them is still human. They say that they will accept people to go to 60% becuase bio gel is now improved and the people who have bio gel within them can now live the regular life span of a human. They say that if anyone goes past 60% though are still violating the rules. The consequences for violating the rule would be sending any one who helped as in doctors who grew all the limbs, to jail for 1-4 years depending on how much they went over, every 10% they go over the go to jail for 1 year. People are happy and now we have a lot of people that have bio gel in them and are happy to be alive and with their families. If families don't like bio gel they still have the option of life support. That is what the people chose though.


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Robot builders

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Doctors needed in hospitals all over California. To Apply you must have had internet college for being a doctor for atleast 5 years or Normal college for being a doctor atleast 4 years. To find out more or apply for a job call 252-212-8612. Doctors who know how to use bio gel please call a separate number 243-523-1531.


Basket Soccer

California is beating all in Basket Soccer. We would like to remind you of the history of Basket Soccer, which is pretty new to our country. Basket Soccer was created 50 years ago by Liam Hogwarts. People all over the country love this game. Last night something horrible happened though. The creator of Basket Soccer passed away. This Saturday there will be a ceremony in the hall of addisron to pay respects to the great guy who invented Basket Soccer.