MAY 2016

HOLA NYC Newsletter

Important dates to remember!

May 20th, 2016 - Parent social- Rooftop party!

May 30th, 2016- Memorial Day- HOLA NYC Closed

June 10th, 2016- End of year performance and Pre-K graduation (3:30pm-5:30pm)

June 18th, 2016- Family picnic at Riverside Park (11am-2pm)

June 27th, 2016- Last day of class in HOLA NYC classroom- pick up belongings.

June 28th, 2016 - Half Day at Hippo Park - Children´s celebration to end school year.

July 5th, 2016 - First day of Summer Camp, around the world in 40 days!

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Note from the Director

HOLA NYC is two years old! To mark our second anniversary, the month of April was devoted to improving the classroom and upgrading our website.

We hope you find the time to visit our website, and tell us what you think! We want to you to have a chance to look at the content and let us know your thoughts and feedback before we start promoting it. While we work on the final edits and revisions, we would also love to have more testimonies for the website.

On a more personal level, I am beginning to plan the next school year in HOLA while my own kids move on to kindergarten! I can´t even begin to describe what this milestone means to me. It will be a big change for our family.

Many of you have been reaching out to find out our plans regarding the team of teachers for summer and the next school year. The current team of guías (Caroline, Silvia, Blanca, Ximena and Yovelsi) will continue to be in HOLA for the summer program and the next school year. Stormy will be back in HOLA full time for the month of June and will go on maternity leave after that. Guía Alejandro is not working in HOLA anymore.

We will keep you informed as the roles and responsibilities of each team member in the next school year continue to evolve based on the lessons we learned this year.

As part of our future plans, we would like to see ourselves in a place that is exclusively devoted to HOLA NYC. For the time being, however, the reality is we are renewing our lease in the church two more years with the Church of St Paul and St. Andrew while we gather energy and resources to find out what the NY real state market has to offer to a small, not-for-profit school like ours.

Consider this a two year anniversary reflection from a founder, a mother, a juggler and a hopeful advocate of good quality education for our children. To those of you that are moving on after June, it is always emotional for us to see the children and families go. Please consider "el regreso" to visit whenever you want. We often collaborate with parents of alumni, some serve in our board, some are coming in the summer to help us launch our parent-teacher academy and some are just cheerleaders and friends. Luckily for us, many of you will be back with a younger child soon!

Con mucho cariño,

María Herminia

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Note from the Classroom

The last two months have been very exciting! The children started enjoying spring learning a lot about birds and flowers. The milder weather enabled us to explore the local gardens, different areas of Riverside Park and involve the children in improving the patio area.

The children are loving the dinosaur theme and the hands-on activities that the guías have planned. Some of the favorites have been digging for fossils, reproducing giant foot prints and preparing dinosaur gifts for mum. This week, they will be creating a giant dinosaur as a collaborative art project. Practicing the names of the dinosaurs has been our biggest challenge yet!

We hope you enjoyed the mother´s day dinosaur terrarium project we prepared with the help of Owen´s mum, Jenny. The children are loving the activities!

Last week, we attended our last production of the New Victory Theater for the school year. We have two more visits by Bibliobandido planned before the end of the school year and a school-wide field trip to the Children´s Museum of Manhattan on June 2nd.

Useful words:

dinosaurio - dinosaur

reptiles - reptiles

fósiles - fossils

gigantesco- gigantic

primavera- spring


Las guías de HOLA NYC

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End of year performance and Pre-K graduation

Please invite close friends and family to our end of year performance and celebration on June 10th from 3:30-5:30pm. The Pre-k class will also receive their montessori certificates and Casa Feliz Arts will be helping us to prepare for this event, we are very excited!

Parent Social: Diaper Palooza for the Vallejos!

Friday, May 20th, 5:30-8pm

310 West 97th Street, Apt 34, New York, NY, United States

This Friday May 20th, you are invited for a rooftop wine party! We will start at 5:30pm with wine, beer and food for everyone.

Peter and I wanted to take the opportunity to host the event and celebrate with the Vallejo family as they prepare for their third boy.

Contribution: Please bring a bottle of wine and diapers.

Please buzz apartment 34 and take the elevator to the rooftop.

This is an event for adults only and childcare will not be provided.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.


In May and June we will be outside more. Please remember to apply sunscreen before you drop off your child in the morning. We also need a sunscreen lotion in HOLA NYC so that we can re-apply.

Reminder: new door code

The code for the door is 3892

Last day of school

Our last full day of school in the classroom will be Monday, June 27th, please pick up all your belongings on that date. On Tuesday, June 28th we will have a half day celebration at Hippo Park. On that day, we will not have access to the classroom because it is an election day and the church is an election site.

You will need to drop off the children at hippo park on June 28th at 9am. We will have a morning filled with games and activities and end with a picnic. Please pick up your children at 12:30 on that day. Parents, nannies and other relatives are also welcome to join us.

Fun dinosaur videos and songs for the kids:

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House of Language Acquisition (HOLA NYC)

HOLA NYC is an independent, not for profit organization with 501c3 status with the IRS. All donations are tax-deductible.