Maple Hills Minute

January, 22 2021

Welcome.... and Happy New Year!

The Maple Hills Board Members welcome you to the first edition of the Maple Hills Minute, the monthly e-news bulletin. In an effort to keep you up to date and engaged with all things Maple Hills, we will be sending this to your inbox each month after the monthly Board meeting.

If you are seeing this because it is posted on the website or social media and want to receive a copy in your inbox, please send us your information here: Our local Girl Scout Troop will be out and about today and this weekend to door tag each home with a communication survey so that the Board can more easily reach out to members.

Happy 2021! We are all looking forward to the possibility of gathering together again! In the meantime, please take care of yourself and check in on your neighbors!

January Board Meeting Highlights

The Board meeting was postponed from 1/13 to 1/20 because of widespread power and internet outages. Here's a quick recap of the highlights (not covered anywhere else in the newsletter) and links of where to find more information.

  • The first annual holiday tree lighting fundraiser was decidedly a success. It brightened spirits for all and raised $85 for the fire station/clubhouse. It is anticipated that we will make this a new tradition. Thank you to Karin Parker and Matt Nepsa (and John Skroch) for making this possible.
  • Since Susie Smith has retired as Pool Manager this year, the Board is posting the position in the swim and Maple Hills Community. Interested parties can see the job description ad how to apply here:
  • Want to have input on the Fire Station/Clubhouse? Join the Clubhouse Committee by emailing the Board at
  • After a successful Pumpkin contest this fall, the Snowman making contest was fun to see. The winners are shown below!
  • We are exploring partnership possibilities with the Maple Hills PTA. Stay tuned for more on this.
  • The outdated Bylaws are being revised for typos and updating gender pronouns. The changes will be presented and voted on at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Want to see more of the details? You can view the draft meeting minutes here:

Maple Hills Events

In these days and months where we have not been able to gather, we have been seeking ways to continue to be engaged with each other virtually (or at least distanced). Nicole Dudley, our new Events Trustee, held the First Annual Snowman Contest. Members of all ages created snowpeople however they wanted. We saw blocks, snow, paper and lots of creativity!

Let's give a round of applause for all of the entries in the first annual snowman contest! We congratulate the winners below who were voted on by the community!

Be on the lookout for an upcoming Valentines activity!!!

If you have ideas or questions for the Events Trustee, please email

Looking Ahead...

While we cannot meet now, watch the website for events as we are able to hold them.
Big picture


Coming Soon....

1/28- Bruddah BBQ

2/5- Anthony's Finn

2/12- Maroom Thai

2/18- Ay Guey

2/23- Pecos Pit

All food trucks serve from 4-7, unless otherwise specified on FaceBook. Schedule is subject to change and menus may be available closer to each visit. Please check the Maple Hills FaceBook page for confirmation of visit and details on each.

Dick's Drive-In Food Truck and Anthony's Finn the Food Truck

Thursday, March 25th, 4-7pm

15256 204th Avenue Southeast

Renton, WA

Both Dick's Drive-In and Anthony's Finn the Food Truck will be visiting the neighborhood so mark your calendars. The rumor is true that Dick's will not have fries, but will have chips.

Details can be found on FaceBook and a HUGE thank you to Karen Quinn for bringing us all these yummy food trucks!

Firestation Facts

Big picture
The fire station, acquired in 2020, has certainly been a hot topic of conversation. It has been a frustratingly slow process to start much work with it during Covid-19 but plans are being brainstormed for the future. To begin, we drafted the following mission statement.

The mission of the Maple Hills Fire Station/Clubhouse (name tbd) is:

To foster an inclusive environment for community relationship building. To provide and promote quality activities that will contribute to the physical, social, and emotional well being of the Maple Hills Community.

A few updates:

  • Many community members came together in March 2020 to do a full scale cleaning and assessment of repairs/needs.
  • It was decided that the Park Trustee would assume Clubhouse Trustee until we determine if that will be a new Board position.
  • Tentative goals have been drafted for 2021, 2022, and a 5 year general outline. Because this is not a one person job, a Clubhouse Committee is being established now to help define and clarify these goals. (Much is true planning without the ability to act during a pandemic.)
  • Currently ongoing work includes permitting & zoning, possible testing of covid safe activities (when restrictions allow), brainstorming and pre-drafting of budget line items, review of surrounding area community centers for rates and usage.

Want to be a part of the action?? Join the Clubhouse Committee, chaired by Matt Nepsa, by emailing the Board at

Did You Know...

Did you know that there are a variety of FaceBook groups for Maple Hills?

~ The official Maple Hills Neighborhood Page... for events postings, general news, and neighborly chit chat.

~ The Maple Hills Block Watch Page... for safety concerns/questions to maintain peace in the neighbohood.

~The Trading Post... one persons trash is another's treasure. Post free items, sale items, jobs, trades etc.

~Maple Hills Garden Club... a small group of gardening enthuiasts (and those that wish to be) sharing info and sometimes plants!

Your 2021 Board Members

The Maple Hills Board of Trustees is a volunteer, member-voted group, representing a diverse group of neighbors. Representatives serve for 2 year terms.

President- Katie Johnson

Vice President- Kelly Walshe

Treasurer- Greg Evans

Secretary- Dana Sox

Park/Clubhouse Trustee- Matt Nepsa

Pool Trustee- John Skroch

Communications Trustee- Rebecca Schwenk

Events Trustee- Nicole Dudley

Member at Large- Amanda Williams (and Interim Pool Manager)

Where Do I find....

Often the Board is asked where information can be found. The best source of information (and the only official board supported communication channel) is our website (just click on the link below). Here you can find the calendar of events, how to pay dues, bylaws, pool information, shelter reservations, board meeting minutes, newsletter contact information and budget information.

Ideas and Feedback Welcome

Do you have an idea or feedback for the newsletter? Send an email with your thoughts.