(propionibacterium acnes)

What is a Propionibacterium acnes?

Propionibacterium acnes is a relatively slow growing bacteria that doesn't need oxygen to grow, In fact it may die if it was exposed to oxygen. It can also cause chronic eye condition and inflammation of the internal coats of the eye.

How does this bacteria get into your body and how does it effect you?

Excess room in the opening of your hair follicles clogs up and causes this bacteria to grow. It effects you by causing scarring, uneven skin tone, oily skin and painful pressure.

Pictures of the Bacteria

Where does acne hide and where does it attack?

Acne hides in your pores and it most commonly attacks your face, back and chest.

Is it considered dangerous and how do you treat it?

Although acne does minor damage, it does effect self-esteem. Acne never really goes away but you can treat it by taking a prescription drug from your dermatologist or the most common way to take care of acne is just by washing your face everyday. But some acne treatments aren't the best, they can cause dry skin, irritation and red skin.

Fun Facts!

-This bacteria turns orange under a black light

-This bacteria also causes cancer in mice

-Its better to cover your pimple with makeup than to pop it