By Elie Wiesel -Abby Vascsinec

Question 1

Camp life changed the prisoners as a person because it made them only worry about themselves and their survival. It changed them as a family because it split them up and made them dependent for themselves. It changed their relationships with other humans because in the camps all that they did was fight for survival, not companions.

Question 2

One theme in the story was survival, because that was the only thing on most of their minds. Another theme was religion, because they would stand up for who they were, and not be changed. A final theme was family because they tried to stick together at all cost no matter what may happen to them.

Question 3

The novel helped me realize how thankful I am and how I should not take what I have for granted. It also helped me realize that family is the strongest bond you can have, and to never let go of that bond. It also revealed to me that human beings are capable of horrible things, but that we are also capable of overcoming those things.