Greg P. Connor O. Tyler S. Dominic R. Garrett S.


  • This organization is split up into four separate regions; Northeaster, Southern, Southwestern, and Southeastern.
  • Out of these four regions there are 12 members elected to be like the council who then elects 16 more people to elect a board of directors who look over all activity of the NCJA.
  • They are mainly supportive for the democratic party because they support the people's opinion to influence the governments decisions rather than taking it into their own hands.
  • Founded in 1971 in Washington D.C. the NCJA was formed to help influence criminal justice actions hoping that they will make more constitutional choices rather than unlawful actions.


  • To become a member you have to be apart of some sort of criminal background education and must be following a career towards it as well.


  • Based in Washington, D.C., the National Criminal Justice Association represents state, tribal and local governments on crime prevention and crime control issues.
  • Its members represent all facets of the criminal and juvenile justice community, from law enforcement, corrections, prosecution, defense, courts, victim-witness services and educational institutions to federal, state and local elected officials.


  • To get involved in the strength in criminal control as well as prevention towards illegal actions.
  • The NCJA also takes a lot of action to the community by holding seminars to bring supportive beliefs over certain topics together and elaborate on what the criminal justice could actually be doing to make it better.


  • NCJA hopes to make an impact on sex offender laws, and to enforce the struggles of the Affordable Care Act on the criminal justice population that isn't helping the effects from the act.