Tiger Talk

Vol. LVII Issue 1 October 2022

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A New Secretary at Central School

By Cole Lesser

You may have seen a familiar face in the main office. That’s because Mrs. Murray, who’s been working in the Long Hill School District for five years, has a new position as a school secretary. Mrs. Murray went to college at Salve Regina University in Newport Rhode Island and worked many different jobs including being a waitress and an office worker. However, it was during her college years that she started teaching. Mrs. Murray began teaching religious education at her church in Connecticut. Mrs. Murray loves to play golf and to read. She especially loves to read about history! She has an interest in architecture as well. One of the reasons she chose our school is because of the close commute and the hometown feel. Mrs. Murray is enjoying her new position and says that, “being a secretary is like being a problem solver, no day is the same.” She and Mrs. Alber enjoy working together. So, if you stop by the office say, “Hi” to Mrs. Murray. Her photo is below.

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Welcome Mrs. Pink

By Serena Sabatella

If you have been by the Guidance Office recently, you may have met Mrs. Pink. Mrs. Pink is the leave-replacement guidance counselor here at Central School. She earned her Bachelor's Degree at Montclair State University. She later earned her Master's Degree at Centenary University. Before coming to Long Hill, Mrs. Pink worked in the Allamuchy Township School District. Mrs. Pink has 2 children who love arts and crafts. In her spare time, Mrs. Pink loves to paint, bake, and do yoga.

Mrs. Pink said that she had always wanted to become a school counselor. She wants to help others the ways her school counselor helped her. Here at Central, Mrs. Pink provides lessons to all three grades and teaches the "Choose Love" character education program about empathy and respect. Mrs. Pink says that she enjoys working with middle schoolers because "it's a very important time." She wants to help.

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Welcome Mr. Kowaleski

By Audrey Callahan and Tilley Makarewicz

Have you ever wondered about the new teachers you see in the hallways? Mr. Kowaleski is a new teacher at Central Middle School, and he just started this year! Mr. Kowaleski, also known as Mr. K, grew up with a disabled brother. This and his love for being a student inspired him to become a teacher. Mr. K went to college at Centenary University in Louisiana. He started teaching in 2021, at Columbia Middle School in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey. He taught 6th and 8th grade there. This year he started teaching Social Studies, ELA, and Science. Now that he has been here a few weeks, he says he loves it here! He said that evryone is very nice. We can assume Mr.K likes to teach, but what else is he interested in? Well, he loves to read and write. He also love dogs, and he is a basketball official. Now you know about one of Central's new teachers who you see in the halls. His photo is below.

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Meeting Mrs. Burns

By Niya Raghu

We have a fun-loving, new teacher here at Central School named Mrs. Burns! She went to college at William Paterson University for four years and Kean University for 5 years. At college, she studied creative writing, special education, math, computers, and science. Mrs. Burns was an instructional aide/teacher at Gillette Elementary School for 5 years and taught mostly the second grade at Millington for 24 years. She is now teaching social studies and science to all grades here at CMS.

Mrs. Burns has a lot of hobbies, and she really enjoys music. She plays piano, writes songs, did music videos on YouTube, and sings. She also likes sports, such as rollerblading, skiing, and water sports such as canoeing and kayaking. Mrs. Burns was also a swim teacher for a period of time. When asked what she loves about this school, she replied “Everything!” Mrs. Burns says it’s more exciting than elementary school. She is teaching her favorite subjects, which she loves because she never had the opportunity to teach them before. Mrs. Burns likes how her colleagues are helpful when she is confused or needs help with something on her Chromebook. Hopefully, Mrs. Burns will stay here at CMS for a long time! Her photo is below.

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Mr. Dekens is a New Music Teacher at Central

By Ilia P.

Mr. Dekens is a new teacher here in Central Middle School. When I came to Mr Deken’s bright and cheerful classroom to interview him, he told me a little about himself. Mr. Dekens went to Rutgers University for 2 years and then transferred to William Paterson University. Before coming here to Central, Mr. Dekens taught 5th and 6th grade instrumental music in Livingston. He now teaches 5th and 6th grade band, as well as music cycle classes here at Central. Many people can relate to Mr. Deken’s interests and hobbies which are playing the drums, watching NBA basketball, and cooking. Mr. Dekens said that he is enjoying Central so far because the students are excited and willing to learn, as well as Long Hilll being a good school district. Please welcome Mr. Dekens as one of our new band teachers!

Central Girls' Soccer Team

By Serena Sabtella

This year's girls’ soccer team has been doing really well so far with a record of 3-2-1. They have played local teams, including Deerfield, Greenbrook, Sommerville, and Watchung. There are a total of 17 girls on the school soccer team. The eighth graders are: Sophia Acevedo, Victoria Drouin, Aspen Elsaesser, Bailey Gillespie, and Andreia Mendes. The seventh graders are Bella Harrington, Camila Rodriguez, Serena Sabatella, Amanda Shatz, Lily Tracy, Deidre Vanderstreet, and Anya Wills. The 6th graders are Alessandra DeFazio, Ava Giafaglione, Eloise Guarin, Riley Hall, Haileey Patel, and Siyona Sanghavi. Their coach is Mr. Hockmeyer. During practice, the girls have been excelling in passing and moving the ball. They could use a little help on the defensive side since two of their defensive players got hurt during the first game. Overall, the girls’ soccer team has done a really good job and is getting better everyday.

Central Boys' Soccer Team

By Serena Sabtella

The Central School boys’ soccer team is off to a solid start. Coached by Mr. Lisbona, they have a record of 3 - 3. There are a total of 17 players, which include 8th graders: Jake Campos, Jeaustin Campos, Evan Frank, Zed Shyers, and Marc Smargiassi. The seventh graders are: Simon Anderson, Will Fernandes, Ethan Guarin, Christian Horvaht, Alessandro Lesende, and Michael Solis. The 6th graders include Ethan Elsaesser, Ryan Fortino, Tim Hansen, Max Kezerashvili, Jacob Petras, and Lennin Rodriquez. The team’s biggest challenge has been lack of depth and speed on the field. The team’s biggest strength has been defense, and the goalie position has been consistent. Regardless, the boys have been working hard and having fun.

New Improvements Made At Central School

Central School was "spruced up" over the summer with the new sign out in front of the school above and with the new tiger logo on the gym floor below. In addition to some painting and summer cleaning, a staff bathroom was also renovated. The main gym floors, stage, and the all- purpose room floors were completely refinished. The entire building received updated LED lighting, which has been a very beneficial upgrade to our hallways, common areas, and classrooms.
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Central's Cross Country Team

By Eliza LaPointe and Lena Stohrer

On one beautiful, Fall afternoon, we saw Ms. Aimette (the Cross Country Coach), Mrs. Currais (the Athletic Director), and Mr. Viturello (our Principal) outside running with the students. “Running is like life, sometimes it’s effortless, and sometimes it’s the most challenging thing in the world, " said Ms.Aimette.

Marley Jablonski, a 6th grade student here at Central said, “Cross country isn't really a team sport, but I think it is great if more people want to join." Ms. Aimette and Mrs. Currais agree. “You get your own personal best, and it’s not if you are faster or slower than others, it's about beating your own time,” said Ms. Aimette. Mrs. Currais echoed, “You have to find your rhythm.”

Ms. Aimette and Mrs. Currais would like to acknowledge two eighth graders, Caleb Apuzzo and Madeline Dodd, for having the fastest times on the team(s).

Marley said appreciates how Ms. Aimette is willing to run at the practices, and not just sit and watch. She also remarked how it is a great opportunity to be able to participate and be active in a school sport as a 6th grader. Coaches and students believe that cross country is one of the best sports for you, as you are not just competing with other individuals, you are trying to beat your own time. As famous action hero actor Chuck Norris once said, “Cross Country: No half times, no time outs, no substitutions. It must be the only real sport.”

Come Join the CMS Fencing Team!

By Cole Lesser

Make new friends and poke them! There is no experience necessary. The team is always looking for new people to join. Fencing is a sport in which two competitors fight each other using very thin swords, the ends of the swords are covered and the competitors wear protective clothes so that they do not hurt each other. There are three weapons in fencing. You can pick to fence saber, epee, or foil, and each has a unique set of rules and strategy. If you are unsure and want to see what it's like to fence, you can take a sample class right here in Long Hill at www.kidscanfence.com. Many team members take extra classes there. As one of my old coaches told me, “Think of your weapon like a paint brush rather than a sword.” Join the CMS fencing team this winter for a fun and challenging team sport, and a great workout!

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