Eleanor Roosevelt

The women of Civil and Human Rights

By: Alyssa Binns

Eleanor Roosevelt Introduction

  • š Later after her father left her mother became ill and had headache’s for hours at a time, soon at the age of eight her mother died and soon after that her brother Elliot became ill with diphtheria and soon died to. With no family her brother Hall and she went to go live with her grandmother in Manhattan. In that same year her father died as well in a course of eight months she lost her mother, brother, and her father (90,Jacobs). š The rest of her life she carried the letter’s her father when he was in the sanitarium in Virginia. To tell her to be brave, be educated, stay strong, and to grow up into a women to be proud of. At only ten years old she was going to live the life her dad wanted her to live(90). The first couple of years after her father’s death were especially rough for Eleanor. Her grandmother’s townhouse was not a place for children to play. The family ate meals in silence and in the mornings they were forced to take cold baths for their health.

  • Eleanor was always made fun of because of her looks. She was called the ugly duckling and was always compared to her mother. Her mother was a very pretty women and she thought she was ugly and that lowered her self esteem. Because of this she was afraid of almost everything.
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The problems of her lifetime

Eleanor Roosevelt faced many problems in her lifetime. The main one was trying to change the earth by letting people have humans and civil rights. She also tried to end racism as well create equality between men and women.

The Problems Of Today

Though Eleanor Roosevelt did the best she could to stop racism and equality of women and men. The problem of those problems still exist today. For example girls in Tasmania are forced to marry older man as early as the age of seven. This affects their education since they have to get out of school early to raise a familyhttp://www.hrw.org/news/2013/01/11/discrimination-inequality-and-poverty-human-rights-perspective. Another big problem is human rights equality. Even though we have the declaration of importance of human rights we still overlook the importance of it. We still have discrimination which leads to other things such as poverty which has a big effect on other people and society. All quotes that stand for equality that should be given to everybody not just people that are normal. This makes people think but we have the perfect little world when we really don't. The final big problem that Eleanor tried to fix was racism and racism still exists today. .On the internet people use the right of free speech to be racist in jobs people are racist to and do not treat other employees equally because of their race, people even create websites so they may be racist.http://www.hrw.org/news/2013/01/11/discrimination-inequality-and-poverty-human-rights-perspective

Her Accomplishments

She focused on helping the country’s poor people and help them get back on their feet stood against racial discrimination during World War II, traveled to war sites to visit U.S. troops. She did this to change life for people who didn't have the life they dreamed of. She really cared about her country and her people. She also As she made a new role for the first lady she had a big impression on the media. She published important issues. She even had her own column called my day..Eleanor Roosevelt was dedicated to social and political causes throughout her life. Her experiences ranged "from her decision as a young woman to work with the poor in New York City to her years in the White House when she pushed for the rights of African Americans, to her time at the United Nations when she parried with the world's most powerful people .She did the best she could to make her time and in the future as equal and free of racism she possibly could. http://www.biography.com/people/eleanor-roosevelt-9463366

How to Fix Problems Today

To fix racism on the internet there are people like the Hate Watch who are an organization that go against racism online. There are other groups as well to help people stop racism online and people who go and help people that are being bullied by racist people. To help with the freedom of young women there was a document created to allow people to have freedom and treated as first class citizen. For people that want human rights equality have the freedom of rights document that Eleanor Roosevelt created herself with the help of other's that ensure people have the freedom as everyone else and no one is more important than the other.


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